Register for Council Tax

Who has to register for and pay Council Tax

If you are 18 or over and either own or rent a property in Redbridge you must register to pay Council Tax. The person who pays the Council Tax is known as being liable for Council Tax.


Register for Council Tax 


Council Tax is set by us, Redbridge Council, to help pay for services that you and other residents use, these include:

  • emergency services (Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance)
  • rubbish collection
  • schools
  • libraries
  • street lighting


That depends in which Council Tax band your properties fall in.

Visit the Council Tax banding page for further information.


You could be, please register for Council Tax first.

Once you have completed and submitted your registration form to us, check to see if you are entitled to money off your bill. You will then need to complete the relevant form for your circumstances.


When you receive your first bill, it is assumed that you will be paying in 10 monthly instalments. Check how to make your Council Tax payments


It is important that you keep up with your Council Tax payments. If there are problems with paying your Council Tax you need to contact us straight away.

If you do not to pay your Council Tax you could be severely penalised