Tell us once

Let us know that someone has died

You can let us know that someone has died by using the Tell Us Once Service.

By using this service you can register the death with the registration service and they will inform all the other council services on your behalf.

Tell Us Once

When you press Tell us once you get

A relative, friend or solicitor of the deceased should inform us of the death as soon as possible.

Tell Us Once service

If you register the death at Redbridge registry office you will be able to use the Tell Us Once (TUO) service.

This service allows you to inform all the relevant government departments, including council tax, of the death in one report.

Find out more on theĀ TUO service.

If you only need to inform the council tax department of the death, you can let us know directly.

We will need to know:

  • the name of the deceased persons and the date they died;
  • the address where they lived
  • the names and addresses of any executors or administrators to the will of the deceased person
  • the name and address of an appointed solicitor if you prefer the council to deal with your solicitor directly

If you have any further queries pleaseĀ email