Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax reduction is means tested. We will pay some or all of your Council Tax for you if you qualify.

How much we pay depends on your circumstances and the circumstances of other adults who live with you. You will need to use our online calculator to find out how much you are entitled to and to apply for Council Tax reduction.

Depending on your circumstances you can make an application for either:

  •  Council Tax reduction is based on the claimant's Council Tax liability, needs and income. 
  • Second Adult Rebate (for pensioners only)  a person might get this if they share their home with another adult (not a partner or civil partner) who is unable to pay towards the Council Tax


Who can apply for Council Tax reduction 

  • the person who is liable to pay for Council Tax in the property must make the application for a reduction in Council Tax
  • the person making the application must be over 18 
  • be a resident of that property

and where all of the following does not apply:

  • have savings over £16,000 (as a couple or single person)
  • is a full time student, unless they are disabled or have children (the non-student partner of a full-time student can make the claim)
  • not the person who pays Council Tax
  • is seeking asylum
  • living in the UK under a sponsorship agreement

If you're unsure if you can apply you can always contact us at  

Find out more information on the Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2020-2021 or ourTax Reduction Redbridge Rules 2020-2021  (PDF 2430KB)

Make your Council Tax reduction application 

You can apply for both Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction at the same time and you can save your form and go back to it.

Apply for Council Tax reduction online


How to provide us with information whilst social distancing 

You can send us evidence to support your Council Tax Reduction claim whilst social distancing by providing information by email.

Second Adult Rebate for pensioners

You may be able to claim Second Adult Rebate if you are a:

      • pensioner
      • not on a low income yourself
      • responsible for the Council Tax and
      • you share your home with 1 or more adults who are: not your partner or civil partner; over 18; not paying you rent; not responsible for paying the Council Tax themselves; getting certain benefits (such as Jobseeker's Allowance or Income Support) or on a low income

Your own income and savings are not taken into account.

Second Adult Rebate rates

The amount of Second Adult Rebate depends on the second adult's income. If you qualify for Second Adult Rebate your Council Tax bill will be reduced by one of the following amounts:

Second adult on Income Support or income-based Jobseeker's Allowance - 25%

Second adult whose income before tax is:

            • less than £201.00 a week - 15%
            • £201.00 to £259.99 a week  - 7.5%
            • £260.00 or more a week  - 0%

The person applying cannot be awarded both Council Tax reductions at the same time, so if the person qualifies for both, they are awarded whichever of the 2 is higher (this is called a better buy comparison).


Find out your entitlement for Second Adult rebate and apply 

Apply for Second Adult rebate online 


How to provide us with information whilst social distancing 

You can send us evidence to support your Second Adult Rebate claim whilst social distancing by providing information by email.

What happens after you've made your application

Once we have received your form and all of the necessary documentation your claim will be worked out.

You will then receive a letter confirming how much Council Tax reduction you have been awarded and from when.

Whichever type of Council Tax reduction is awarded, the reduction is credited to your Council Tax account. We will send you an amended Council Tax bill showing the reduced amount of Council Tax due.


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