Changes to services

You will find updates and changes to services due to the current coronavirus situation. If you are unsure about a service or event that isn't listed below, please contact the service directly and they will be happy to advise you on what is happening.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Service change summary

  • Waste and recycling: recycling and rubbish being collected together in the same refuse sack, garden waste and bulky waste are collections suspended. Waste is being collected earlier.
  • Customer contact centre: contact centre appointment only. Phone for urgent enquiries only.
  • Schools: schools are closed to all except key workers' and vulnerable children. Free school meals provision.
  • Housing: the Housing Needs Service is only available for urgent needs and only via phone or email. Urgent repairs only. 
  • Parking: key workers are exempt from parking charges and time restrictions. Commuter zone restriction suspended.
  • Events and meetings:  all events apart from some key council meetings are postponed.
  • Streets and highways: services are reduced and you may experience delays.
  • Planning and Building Control: pre-applications and planning enforcement reports are not being accepted by post. Site inspections have been suspended.
  • Jobs and Adult education:  Work Redbridge face to face appointments are currently suspended. Service offered by email, telephone calls and skype. The Redbridge Institute of Adult Education and the Mildmay Neighbourhood Learning Centre are closed.
  • Leisure, sports, arts and libraries: Libraries, leisure centres and cultural facilities are closed. Parks are open for daily exercise.
  • Register officeDeath registration by telephone . All other appointments are suspended. Late birth registrations will not be penalised.
  • Environment: Pest control services are limited. Rat treatments are being prioritised.
  • Youth services: services are currently suspended. Advice over the phone. 
  • Public health: some services reduced or suspended
  • Office and administrative: email legal documents rather than posting


Waste and recycling

Our waste and recycling services have changed:

Rubbish and recycling

We’re not currently emptying recycling boxes. Please store your recycling for when we resume the service, or dispose of it in refuse sacks with your other rubbish for our crew to collect.

This means you can put items, such as plastic bottles and cereal boxes, in the same refuse sack as your normal rubbish.

If you have symptoms: Please double bag your rubbish, especially used tissues, disposable cleaning clothes or other personal waste and leave for 72 hours before placing out for collection.

  • Rubbish and recycling will be collected together
  • Bin and blue box deliveries for recycling, including collection from car parks, will stop
  • We will begin collecting at the earlier time of 5 am, please ensure your rubbish is out for collection before this
  • If your rubbish collection is missed, it will be taken away on your next scheduled collection day

Garden and bulky waste

  • Garden waste collections are on-hold
  • Bulky waste collections suspended

Reuse and recycling centres

Our reuse and recycling centres at Chigwell Road, Frizlands Lane, Gerpins Lane and Jenkins Lane are closed to the public and local businesses.

For more information and answers to questions you may have please see our waste and recycling questions and answers page.


Customer contact centre

Only call for urgent enquiries please

We are asking customers to only call with urgent enquiries so we can prioritise our most vulnerable customers. You can still use our online contact form

Please see the contact us page for more information.

Customer Contact Centres

Lynton House

We are opening for appointment only. Please use our online contact form for enquiries. If you need to speak to us, please call our customer service advisors on 020 8554 5000 who will be able to help you with your enquiry or direct you to where you can access more information.

You can call us between 8.30 am to 6 pm but appointments will be scheduled between 9 am to 4 pm as per opening times. 

If you require these services please call using the relevant contact details:

Customer services: 020 8554 5000
  • Housing 020 8708 4002 
  • Council tax 020 8708 5670 
  • Benefits 020 8708 5690
  • Adult Social Service 020 8708 7333 
  • Children’s Services 020 8708 3885 
  • Other Enquiries 020 8708 5000

Station Road

We are open by appointment only. Care leavers are able to collect payment cards this week by appointment.

Thackerary Drive

We are closed, face to face contacts for looked after children and their families is postponed.

Albert Road

We are open by appointment only.



Schools in Redbridge will close until further notice for the majority of children. Schools will remain open to children and young people of key workers and vulnerable children - including those under the guidance of social workers or have educational health and care plans. 

Our schools have been preparing for this scenario, planning how they might support pupil learning and study once this step was taken. They’ve already identified a range of creative ways to help so that children and young people can continue to enjoy their education experience away from the school setting.

Council staff will continue to work with the teachers and support staff to do all we can to help you support your children and your families at this difficult time.

We have a detailed FAQ for parents which we are continually updating as further information and plans are developed. 

Free school meals

After the Easter holiday schools will be either running a weekly food parcel service or some schools will be continuing to provide vouchers. This will only be available where a child is confirmed as eligible for Free School Meals.

If your school is using the food parcel service after Easter, the Local Authority will contact you let you know when you can collect your parcel and from where.

If your school is going to use food vouchers after Easter, the school will contact you and let you know what the arrangements are for providing vouchers.



Housing Management

We will be dealing with health and safety matters and emergencies.

We will be running a limited caretaking service which will deal with all health and safety issues and provide a more limited cleansing service.

In line with Government guidance, children’s play areas will be out of bounds and wherever possible locked or taken out of commission. We are advising residents not to use any play areas that cannot be locked.

The Orchard Housing Office in Woodford Green has closed.

For urgent issues, council tenants and leaseholders should call 0208 708 6355 or 020 8708 8316.



We are running an emergency repair service and will only attend to the following jobs until further notice:

• Leaks
• FED door locks not locking
• Blocked WC and Sinks
• Heating Breakdowns (Morrison for individual boilers or Atlas for communal boilers)
• Gas Service, where possible

We will not be able to carry out any other repairs. If you need any other repair, please wait until further notice before contacting us.

If you have an appointment for a surveyor or operative or non-urgent works ordered, these are now suspended until further notice.

For repairs please call 0800 39 39 94.


Capital Works

Work being undertaken inside residents’ homes will be suspended until further notice but we will not leave any resident without essential services.

All exterior major works will be paused. All sites will be closed and made safe.

Where works have been agreed, but not yet started, work will not start until further notice. Costs are not expected to increase.

Where works are underway, work will be suspended and made safe and secure until further notice. Costs are not expected to increase.

If you require further information about Capital Works delivery during normal working hours please contact Tony Churton:

Fire Safety

All Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) have been completed for this financial year. The next Fire Risk Assessments are scheduled for June and will consist of a Type 1 survey of communal areas but we will review this in mid-May when the impact of COVID-19 is better known.

Fire Safety Management reviews will cease until further notice. Residents are asked to keep communal areas tidy and free from any fire hazards and the Caretakers will be checking these areas.

If you require further information about Fire Management or Play grounds on housing estates across the housing estate please contact John Kempster:

Housing Needs Service

We take very seriously the need to protect customers and staff, and maintain social distancing. Therefore, we will not be operating a walk-in service at the customer Contact Centre in Lynton House. We will only be operating emergency services and will not be able to provide information or assistance with non-emergency issues.

If you need help with any of the following issues, please use the contact information provided below:

  • Homelessness
  • Emergency Housing advice
  • An urgent problem with temporary or private sector accommodation provided by the Council

Telephone: 0208 708 4002

Additional staff will be answering telephone lines to ensure you can get through as quickly as possible. Please continue to ring the above numbers or use the email address provided until you get through as you will not be seen if you attend the Customer Contact Centre.

We will arrange a call back within:

  • one hour for urgent issues
  • two hours for all non-urgent issues


Emails will be answered within:

  • one hour for urgent issues
  • two hours for non-urgent issues

Out of hours (6pm-8am): 020 8554 5000

The following are not emergency services and we will not be able to help you with these until further notice:

  • Housing Register applications
  • Allocation of social housing
  • Reviews of homelessness decisions
  • General housing advice

Rough sleepers

The Customer Contact Centre is not providing a face-to-face service at the current time.
We recognise that many people sleeping rough will be at high risk from COVID-19 and, we are working closely with our partners, other London authorities and Government departments to maximise the support and accommodation available across London.

If you or someone you are assisting is current sleeping rough, you can access advice, support and accommodation services from the Welcome Centre:
The Welcome Centre
2-6 St Marys Road

Tell someone about a rough sleeper

If you want to tell us about someone sleeping rough, you can contact Street Link on 0300 500 0914 who will take note of all the information that you provide and arrange for the rough sleeper to get access to local services and support.


Property landlords

Property Licensing

We will continue to process applications for all property licence types. Applications and application payments should continue to be submitted on-line.

Inspections and Visits

Advisory and compliance visits on proposed HMO licence applications have been temporarily suspended and will resume when it has been deemed safe to do so.

Landlords unable to access an advisory visit will still be able to get advice on HMO space, amenity and fire precaution standards from a Housing Enforcement Officer by emailing their enquiries to You can also find all necessary advice on our website.

Proactive visits to suspected unlicensed HMO's have been temporarily suspended.

Service Requests

Tenants can still report disrepair in privately rented properties. Visits will be undertaken where there is evidence of disrepair that poses a risk to vulnerable persons or the disrepair is serious.

Before any visit you will be contacted and asked if you are self-isolating or have symptoms of Covid 19. If a visit is carried out we ask that you keep your distance from the Officer and allow them to work alone by staying in a different room. These precautions are for your health and safety as well as that of our Officer.

Complaints about suspected HMO properties will be taken and given priority when normal service can resume.



There is an exemption scheme for key workers to allow parking without time restriction or charge. Please visit the key worker parking page for more information. 

We have suspended the 1 hour commuter zone restriction for the foreseeable future. Any vehicles seen to be parked during the 1 hour restricted time will not be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.


Events and meetings

Following on from Government advice we have taken the decision to postpone all public council organised or led events due to take place in the borough. This will remain in effect until further notice.

Library, sport and arts events

All events are currently suspended

Public engagement events, forums and information events

All engagement events, forums and information events are currently suspended

Council meetings

Cabinet, Overview Committee, Licensing Sub-Committee and Planning Committee, will continue as normal. All other formal meetings of the Council have been postponed until further notice. The Full Council meeting scheduled for Thursday 26 March has also been postponed.    

Redbridge Youth Council face-to-face meetings have been postponed. 


Streets and highways

Street cleansing services: Some services are reduced, we will prioritise clearance of fly-tips, emptying litter bins and clearance of litter.

Skips , hoardings and scaffolding: you may experience delays in the delivery of some services

Roadworks and closuressome services are reduced and you may experience delays in the delivery of some services

Street parties applications: you may experience delays in the delivery of some services

Disabled parking bay applications: you may experience delays in the delivery of some services

The Great British Spring Clean 2020 is postponed until September. 


Planning and Building Control

Pre-applications: postal pre-applications are not able to be accepted. Online and email applications are being accepted. 

Duty planner appointments will now take place by phone.

Planning enforcement: postal reports are not being accepted. Online and email applications are being accepted. 

Building Control: site inspections have been suspended. Email submissions are now being accepted.


Jobs and Adult education

Work Redbridge face to face appointments are currently suspended. Service offered by email, telephone calls and skype. Details of job opportunities including temporary roles will be kept updated on our web pages and regular vacancy pack.  

The Redbridge Institute of Adult Education will not be open for classroom teaching or to members of the public.

The Mildmay Neighbourhood Learning Centre is closed until further notice.


Leisure, sports, arts and libraries


People are still allowed to go outside for exercise once a day including walking, running or cycling while maintaining social distancing. However, this can only be done on your own, or with the people you live with.

The following facilities at parks are closed:

  • Toilets
  • Cafes
  • Children’s play areas will be out of bounds/cordoned off and possibly disabled
  • Outdoor gyms areas will be out of bounds/cordoned off and possibly disabled

As an alternative to offer to those wanting exercise or who are isolating, home exercise options are available.


Cultural facilities

  • Kenneth More Theatre and Redbridge Drama Centre: Redbridge Council and Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure (VRCL) have taken the decision to suspend public performances at the Kenneth More Theatre and Redbridge Drama Centre until further notice.
  • Redbridge Music Service: Music school activities, groups and ensembles are suspended until further notice. Parents will be contacted about tuition.
  • Redbridge Museum and Heritage Centre: Redbridge Museum and Heritage Centre is closed.



All Redbridge libraries are closed until further notice. A fines amnesty is in place which means that there will be no charges for overdue materials for the time being and books will be automatically renewed. 

Access E-books, online newspapers and magazines and other services online.


Leisure centres

All leisure centres are closed.


Register office

The Register Office is closed unless you have a pre-booked death registration appointment. All other appointments are cancelled.

  • Death registrations: registration by telephone to protect residents and staff
  • New birth registration appointments: suspended. You will be able to claim child benefit or universal credit before registration if you have been unable to register with us because of this suspension.
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership ceremonies: cancelled
  • Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership appointments: cancelled
  • Priority certificate application service: suspended
  • Group and Private Citizenship Ceremonies: cancelled
  • No visitors to attend the office without prior appointment
  • No children to attend the office
  • All birth/death/marriage/civil partnership/certificate enquiries to be emailed to
  • All citizenship enquiries to be emailed to

Death registration

Deaths will now be registered by telephone appointment. Relatives do not need to collect the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death from the hospital, care home or GP. A scan of the signed certificate can be sent to the registrar by them.

The green certificate for burial or cremation will be sent electronically to the funeral director, crematorium or cemetery office.

The office is closed to the public and customers should not attend in person. Please make an appointment via telephone or email.

To make an appointment please fill out our online form.

Birth registration

This service is currently suspended. We know that new parents may be concerned and keen to formally register their child's name. We want to reassure you that this will not affect your child's status and you will not be penalised for late registration. We will resume registration as soon as possible.



Pest control services are limited. Rat treatments are being prioritised.


Youth services

All the Youth Service and Connexions team face to face sessions and appointments are currently suspended, this includes Hainault Youth Centre, the Youth Bus, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Youth Council and the Child Friendly Redbridge Ambassadors. 

Redbridge Connexions: Advice  available over the telephone. 

Youth Council: virtual meetings can be joined. 


Public health

NHS Health Checks: Suspended until further notice. 

Exercise On Referral: All leisure centres are now closed and staff are working from home or at home for the next 3 weeks.

Living streets walking project: On hold until further notice.

Fit For Fun: Sessions suspended until further notice. 

R3 substance misuse services: A reduced service is being provided, but it is not open to walk-ins. Individuals must call or email (tel: 0300 303 4612, email: In addition, the service is providing crisis support via telephone for individuals that are not currently supported by the service. All group work and face to face interventions have been stopped, however, keyworkers are contacting clients via telephone. The service continues to prescribe medication and is now providing prescriptions over a longer period to support clients in reducing social contact and support self-isolation.

0-19 Universal Service: Healthy Child Clinics and Infant feeding cafes have been stopped as well as any other group activities. The service continues to support families with information, signposting and advice on our website and via telephone (see contact details)

Sexual health services: Our sexual health services have reduced capacity.

BHRUT Sexual Health: 

Sexual Health services at Queen's Hospital, Loxford and Hainault clinics are closed.

Services are open at Outpatients East, Barking Community Hospital, Upney Lane IG11 9LX. Please visit their website or call 020 8924 6674 between 8am and 4pm to book an appointment, further information or advice.

Sexual health services are by appointment only. Residents can attend without an appointment if you are under 18, require HIV PEPSE, emergency contraception, or have been sexually assaulted.

Bart’s Health  - All East:

Some satellites are still operating but all walk-in appointments have been cancelled. For information on services visit their website

Residents can also contact sites located at Ambrose King Centre: 0207 377 7306 and Sir Ludwig Guttman Centre: 0208 496 7237 for further information.

Pharmacies:  operating but it will be risk assessed and prioritised

GPs: limited to no service for Long-LARCS and Chlamydia screening

Positive East: No outreach or face to face contact- Residents who need support or advice can telephone 020 7791 2855 or email Visit their website.

Bewize (Redbridge YP Sexual Health): outreach has stopped which is the main contract but any enquiries, email

Smoking cessation: Everyone Health is delivering the smoking cessation service using telephone appointments and online support to enable ‘remote’ face-to-face sessions. They are posting the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to patients’ homes by registered mail. They are offering patients additional support and motivation through the One You Smokefree App.


Office and administative

Legal documents

Service of court proceedings, applications, notices and any other legal documents should be sent by email to rather than posted.

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