Weighted and measured goods

If you weigh or measure goods to sell to consumers, your equipment must be both suitable and accurate in accordance with current legislation.

Trading Standards ensure that your goods are sold correctly weighed and measured. This includes:

  • spirit measuring instruments
  • wine and beer glasses
  • weighing machines
  • weighbridges
  • weights
  • petrol pumps
  • metre measures

Learn more about the rules on selling goods by weight or measure, quantity, labelling, equipment and inspections at the Business Companion website.

If you have purchased a product that was short in weight or short in measure you can contact the Citizen Advice Consumer Service helpline on 08454 040506. The helplines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. They will obtain expert help on your rights and the detail of your complaint or will be passed to the partnership if their help is needed.‚Äč