Product safety

If you import, produce or distribute goods, including second-hand, they must be safe for the consumer to use.  

Some products such as toys, electrical goods, cosmetics and furniture have very detailed safety rules that must be followed by manufacturers, importers and retailers. If your business carries out any of these activities, you must comply with the law and protect consumers by ensuring that your goods are safe.

The Business Companion website provides links to detailed information on specific topics related to product safety.

The list of products include:

  • cosmetic products
  • new & second-hand prams & pushchairs
  • new nightwear
  • new upholstered furniture
  • fireworks
  • electrical equipment
  • food imitations
  • jewellery safety – metal content
  • mini motors, off-road vehicles, etc
  • ornamental & novelty giftware
  • toys
  • part worn tyres
  • second-hand electrical goods
  • second-hand gas cooking appliances
  • second-hand upholstered furniture

Inspection and testing of products for safety

We inspect, sample and test consumer products such as toys, children's clothes etc. to check for any hazards and assess risks. This helps to make sure only safe products are sold. Second hand goods are inspected using the same procedures as new goods.

Producers and distributors must notify us when they become aware that a product they have placed on the market is unsafe.

Product recalls

Product recalls are made by traders about products that have problems which could affect the safety of the consumer. The product should not be used and should be returned to the trader. View more information on product recalls.

Traders wishing to display their recall/safety notices on this page should email it to

Vehicle recalls

Vehicle recall notices can be found on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency website.

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