Fireworks storage licensing

There are only certain times at which fireworks can be sold:

  • Bonfire Night - Sunday 15 October to Friday 10 November
  • New Year's Eve - Tuesday 26 December to Sunday 31 December
  • Chinese New Year - on the first day of the Chinese New Year and the three days preceding it
  • Diwali - on the day of Diwali and the three days preceding it

If you wish to store and sell fireworks and other explosives in London Borough of Redbridge, you must apply for a licence from the council.

Before applying for a licence to sell fireworks or other explosives you must read the guidance documents below:

How to apply

To apply for a licence for your premises for the storage of fireworks or for other explosives, you will need to download the appropriate form below and pay the appropriate fee. We aim to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation at all times. To see how we handle personal information, please ensure that you have read our Privacy Notice

An all-year fireworks licence

If you want to sell fireworks all year round (outside the above dates) you will need to buy an extra licence. To apply for one, you will need to download the additional form below:


You must not store explosives / fireworks until you have been granted a licence. Licences will be refused if the site is unsuitable or the applicant is considered not to be a fit person to store explosives

License fees

The current fees can be found on the HSE website.
An all-year round sale of fireworks licence is currently £500.

Further advice

Further information is available from GOV.UK: fireworks manufacture and storage licences  and Health and Safety Executive (HSE): fireworks.

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