Animal licence fees

Fees due for animal activity licences

Fees valid from 1 April 2023

Licence type Annual fee *
Pet shops - new licence application £337
Pet shops - renewal and/or variation £255
Horse riding establishments - new licence £470
Horse riding establishments - renewal and/or variation £180
Animal boarding - new licence application £297
Animal boarding - renewal and/or variation £285
Dog breeding - new application £310
Dog breeding - renewal and/or variation £310
Performing animals registration or certificate - new application £310
Performing animals registration or certificate -renewal and/or variation £310
Dangerous Wild Animals - new licence application £310
Dangerous Wild Animals - renewal and/or variation £310
Zoo licence - new application £495
Zoo licence -  renewal and/or variation £200
Duplicate licence £25.00

Vet site inspection costs are charge to the applicant or licensee in addition to the fees shown, where applicable.

* the annual fee is due at the grant of licence (before the licence is issued) and every year after that the licence is in existence