Animal health

Animal health in Redbridge

Redbridge Council has a statutory duty to enforce the wide range of legislation in the UK designed to protect the health of both domesticated and wild animals.

This legislation broadly covers:

  • the welfare of livestock
  • the movement of livestock
  • slaughter and export arrangements
  • the control of animal diseases (foot and mouth for example)
  • the control of zoonoses (diseases transmitted to man via animals) such as anthrax
  • preparation of contingency plans to protect animal health in case of disease outbreaks


If you keep any animals that are normally recognised as livestock, such as cattle, pigs, sheep, or goats (even as pets) then you need to notify us of the animals that you keep and ensure that you comply with the legislation.

To notify the Environmental Health Team please email

You will also need to inform The Animal Health and Plant Health Agency

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