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Dear Prime Minister,

A fair deal for Redbridge

A decade of Government austerity has meant settlement grant funding to Redbridge has been cut nearly 60% since 2010 - Redbridge receives among the lowest funding per person compared to other London boroughs. Despite these cuts our Council has continued to deliver vital services, attract investment, and support the aspirations of local people.

However, the rising cost of living has put significant pressure on our council budget and we are facing tough choices.

Redbridge deserves a fair deal from government, recognising the challenges we face and empowering us to deliver on the opportunities available for our borough.

Redbridge has a strong record of investing in the services that matter to local people, however we are now faced with incredibly challenging additional financial pressures when managing these key services.

We want to be able to provide the services local people deserve:

  • Excellent Children and Adult services
  • Social care that provides dignity for vulnerable people
  • Support for the Police to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Housing for those in need

Unfortunately, without the fair government funding Redbridge deserves, we will be forced to make tough choices about the services we provide.

It is vital government make sure Redbridge has the means to support local people through tough times and provide the best possible opportunity for our borough to contribute to national growth.

Funding across London must be reviewed to ensure local people in Redbridge are not disadvantaged.

Work with us with us to deliver a bright future for Redbridge.




Sign our letter to the Prime Minister