Joint community statement following terror attack in Islington

Published: 19 Jun 2017

Today Farouk Ismail, Chair of Federation of Redbridge Muslim Organisations; and I made a joint statement on the terrible attacks that occurred overnight in Islington.

We know that the dreadful terrorist events in Finsbury Park in the early hours of the morning have led to concerns among our community and in particular within our Muslim community.

The safety of our residents is extremely important and we want people to feel they can go about their daily business without living in fear. We are working together and with other community and faith groups as well as with the Police to monitor the feeling in the Borough and to increase police patrols.

Ramadan is a particularly important time for our Muslim community, a time of peace and reflection and is of course when more of our Muslim community will be attending prayers in local mosques. So it’s important we continue to speak to one another and look out for each other.

We know that terror attacks like this seek to divide us as a community but in Redbridge we are strong and resilient and stand as one. We urge local residents to send out a clear message to those who seek to break us by carrying on and to carry on as normal, but to remain vigilant and aware.

In Redbridge we have a strong community spirit which knows no boundaries. We know every day that people help each other out, show compassion and care for their neighbours and fellow communities and this is demonstrated across all religions and faiths.

We stand together as a one and will continue to support one another. Our heartfelt thoughts are with everyone affected by the appalling attack in Finsbury Park.”