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We’re making changes to the way we collect your rubbish

 In February 2020, we carried out a pilot collection of rubbish using wheelie bins from 7,000 Redbridge households. The pilot was a success and results showed that:

  • 90% of pilot participants could easily fit all their rubbish into the bin provided.
  • 75% of pilot participants noticed less rubbish spilt around their property on collection day helping to improve the surrounding environment.
  • 67% of respondents found it easier to use wheelie bins than rubbish sacks.
  • A 13% reduction in household rubbish and an average of 4.2% increase in recycling in some areas.

What’s happening and when                              

As a result of the pilot, the Council has agreed to roll this service out Borough-wide in Spring 2021. All households that receive a kerbside rubbish and recycling collection service will be provided with one new, dark grey 180 litre wheelie bin for the collection of their rubbish. We are currently assessing houses converted into flats, houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) and purpose-built flats to establish container requirements and will be in touch if anything needs to change.

We’ll include an information pack that will be attached to the bin, providing you with details on how to use the new rubbish bin and make best use of your recycling boxes.

Your collection days will remain the same and you can start to use the new bin straight away.

Simply put the bin out instead of rubbish sacks. 

We’ll be keeping you informed with regular communications so, keep a look out. Find out more by signing up to our newsletter to receive email updates about the changes.

Why are we introducing the bins?

The introduction of the new 180 litre wheeled bins will reduce operational costs and support the Borough’s commitment to help residents recycle more in order to ensure they have sufficient space in their wheeled bin.   

Benefits of introducing wheelie bins: 

  • Keep our streets cleaner by allowing residents to store and contain rubbish securely, helping prevent animals from ripping open bags, reducing split bags on collection days and ultimately reducing littering and clean-up costs.
  • Residents recycle more to maximise space in their wheelie bin and help us achieve our 50% recycling target.
  • Save money. LBR currently disposes of around 22m rubbish sacks each year which costs £18m. We also collect the 5th highest amount of rubbish in England. Wheelie bins will increase the efficiency of collections, helping to save money that could be spent on other services like schools, social care or road maintenance.
  • Stop businesses taking advantage of collections. Businesses should pay for their waste to be collected, and the wheelie bins will help to reduce any confusion on collection day.   

Please continue to recycle as much as possible

Your recycling collection will remain the same. To help manage your waste effectively you can request as many recycling boxes as you need online

There is a £3.50 charge for delivery – or alternatively you can collect recycling boxes free of charge from our Ley Street Depot, Ilford. 

 What you can collect in your new wheelie bin:

Yes please  Green tick No Thanks  
What you can put in the bin These items MUST NOT go in the wheelie bin. They can be
recycled using the recycling boxes
  • Nappies (bag for hygiene purposes)
  • Plastic bags 
  • Food pouches 
  • Black bags 
  • Broken toys 
  • Drinks glasses 
  • Pet waste (litter, bedding, poop) 
  • Food waste (bag for hygiene purposes)
  • Crisp packets 
  • Broken crockery 
  • Pyrex 
  • Polystyrene 

Use your green recycling box to collect:

  • Food jars 
  • Glass bottles 
  • Plastic bottles 
  • Tins and cans 
  • Aerosol cans 

 Use your blue recycling box to collect: 

  • Paper 
  • Cardboard 
  • Magazines 


Commercial or business waste/rubbish and DIY waste such as rubble CANNOT BE ACCEPTED IN YOUR WHEELIE BIN

Need a recycling box? Order here

There is a £3.50 charge for delivery – or alternatively you can collect recycling boxes free of charge from our Ley Street Depot, Ilford. 



Need a larger or smaller bin?

In order to make the service as effective as possible we want residents to use the bin provided but also understand some households may need an alternative.

  • Larger bins will be provided where there is a clear need, e.g. larger families or those with more than one child in nappies.
  • Smaller 140 litre bins will be made available on request. However, householders will be encouraged to keep the 180-litre bin they have had delivered and only put it out for collection when full.

You will be able to submit a request for a different sized bin once you have received the service change letter from the Council in early 2021.

We are currently carrying out an assessment to determine which properties may not be suitable for a wheelie bin. If a wheelie bin is not appropriate for your property, we will be in touch and provide you with red sacks instead.

Need help with your collections?

 We’re here to help. We can provide ‘assisted collections’ for those residents who struggle to cope with moving bins or sacks. Contact us on:

I already own my own bin; can I still use it?

Privately owned bins cannot be emptied as part of the new rubbish collection service. We want to be fair to all residents, so we want everyone to use the same size container. To achieve our main aim of reducing rubbish and increasing recycling, we need to put a limit on how much non-recycled rubbish people can be put out. Also, our collection vehicles may not work properly or safely with other types of bins.

In Spring 2021, we will also be offering a bin amnesty, giving residents the chance to have their privately owned wheelie bins disposed of free of charge. We will be tagging these bins with information about disposal. Alternatively, you can use your bin to store things such as garden tools and equipment, etc.

What happens if I don’t have space for a wheelie bin?

The Council has commissioned Keep Britain Tidy to perform a Borough-Wide audit to assess each property’s suitability for storing a wheelie bin. Those properties deemed unsuitable will be moved onto a red sack collection scheme. Unsuitable properties may include those with no front garden or space to accommodate a wheelie bin.  We will provide you with three red sacks per week to contain and put out your rubbish for collection. Three red sacks will contain the same amount of rubbish as a new wheelie bin.

Don’t worry, we will be in touch with you directly about this. 


Need more information about the new wheelie bin service?

Visit our wheelie bin frequently asked questions page

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