Wheelie bin scheme

We are running a pilot wheelie bin household rubbish collection service for 7,000 households from 10 February 2020.

We want to reduce the amount of waste that is produced and encourage residents to recycle. In a major survey launched in October 2018, the majority of residents said it would be helpful to have a bin to store their waste and agreed that we should do more to tackle waste in the community.

We will be running a pilot of this new service to test how well it works and to give residents a chance to feedback to us before considering a roll out across the whole borough.

Some households in parts of the following wards have been selected to take part in the pilot.

  • Bridge Ward (with a very small section of Monkhams)
  • Fairlop Ward
  • Loxford Ward
  • Seven Kings Ward
  • Wanstead Village

Residents taking part in the pilot will be contacted in early January and provided with detailed information, including an information pack, which will be delivered with their new wheelie bin. Residents have been selected from across the borough so we can conduct a fair pilot.

Service changes

For the 7,000 households on the pilot there will be three changes to your rubbish collection:

  • We will be providing you with a wheelie bin for your rubbish
  • Your wheelie bin and recycling boxes must be placed just inside the boundary of your property, nearest to the road (not on the pavement or street) in a visible and accessible position by 7am on your usual collection day.
  • Your wheelie bin must have its lid fully closed. Wheelie bins with open lids will not be emptied and any extra rubbish bags placed next to your wheelie bin will not be collected. Please use your recycling services to recycle as much of your rubbish as possible. For example, card, paper, mixed glass, cans and plastic bottles can be recycled in your recycling boxes.


Why use wheelie bins

We are considering using wheelie bins:

  • To recycle more - we want to increase our recycling rate by 50%.
  • To keep our streets cleaner - wheelie bins will prevent animals from accessing waste and deters fly-tipping.
  • To save money - we can reduce the £18m a year the council spends on collecting 22 million black sacks by encouraging people to reduce their waste and recycle more. This will help get better value from our local services and mean saving money that could be better spent on other services like schools, social care, the garden waste collection service or road maintenance.
  • To stop local businesses taking advantage of collections – a number of businesses are taking advantage of the current system and having their rubbish collected for free by putting their rubbish out for collection at the same time as neighbouring households. Businesses should pay for their waste to be collected and the wheelie bins should help to reduce any confusion and save us money because we will not have to pay to deal with this extra rubbish.


How the pilot will work

Householders taking part in the pilot will be contacted in early January and provided with introductory information.

New grey wheelie bins and a detailed information pack will be delivered to each household taking part in the pilot from Monday 3 February 2020.

Householders can start using their wheelie bins straight away and collections will start the following week from Monday 10 February 2020.

Recycling and rubbish will be collected on the same day, your collection day will stay the same.


Redbridge wheelie bin FAQs 

For more information, please see our frequently asked questions page


Information about recycling in Redbridge

Recycling from home - We provide a recycling service for all houses across the borough. You can recycle card, paper, mixed glass, cans and plastic bottles. For more details about our recycling service and to order boxes visit our recycling collection page.

Recycling out and about – We have plenty of recycling sites across the borough. Many supermarkets also have their own recycling sites.

The Reuse and Recycling Site at Chigwell Road tip accepts many items for re-use and recycling including cooking oil, batteries, clothing and garden waste.

Bulky or Large items – for items that can be reused, book a free collection with a local charity, or for items that are no longer useful, book a free collection.

Reduce the amount of nappy waste in your bin by taking up our offer of a ‘real nappy’ pilot pack, worth more than £25, for just £5 to residents with children under 18 months old (limit of one pack per child). 'Real nappies' are modern washable nappies which are a brilliant alternative to disposable nappies with many benefits for parents, babies and our planet. Even if you use them in addition to disposables you can still save a lot of rubbish – do what works for your family.

Composting at Home  - you can compost your kitchen and garden waste at home if you have a garden. We have teamed up with Get Composting to offer special rates to Redbridge residents on compost bins, water butts and a whole range of accessories.

Garden Waste – use the free garden waste service (available March – November).

For the waste that's left -  the stuff that cannot be reused, donated, composted or recycled use these top tips for making the most of the space in your wheelie bin.

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