Help with your broadband and mobile phone bills

If you are struggling with the cost of your broadband or mobile phone and receive Universal Credit or other qualifying benefits, you may be able to arrange a discounted tariff. 

By switching to a social tariff, you could save over £100 per year and some providers are waiving early termination fees for those moving from existing tariffs.

With your permission, some internet service providers will be able to contact Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on your behalf to verify whether you are in receipt of a relevant benefit and therefore eligible for extra financial support. This will simplify the process by removing the need for you to prove your entitlement on a regular basis. The DWP will only share enough information with the service provider to confirm your eligibility so your data will remain safe. 

These offers are supported by the DWP and regulated by Ofcom, the UK's communication regulator. 

Check whether you may be better off on another package. 


Other support from businesses

Find out what other offers are available from businesses to help with the cost of living.