Landlord housing benefit portal

The landlord portal allows both social and private landlords who receive payments of Housing Benefit to:

  • check Housing Benefit payments, this gives you a breakdown of the payments made to you for each of your tenants receiving Housing Benefit
  • review individual cases, you can view your next payment date and payment amount.

Sign up and log into the landlord portal

  • if you don’t have an account then you’ll need to complete the Access to Landlord Portal form below   
  • if you already have an account:


go to the landlord portal 


The Landlord Portal allows private and social landlords who received payments of Housing Benefit from the Redbridge Council to check payments and review cases on the Redbridge Council website. 

If you are a landlord and would like to be given access to the system, please complete this form. 

(This user will be able to set up additional users to view your information)
(This is the ‘Acc ID’ as it appears on your payment schedules)
(This must be an email address that the user has immediate access to. Every time they login they will be sent an Online Key to access the portal)

I understand that Redbridge Council is allowing me to access claimants' (tenants') details, as prescribed by law, via the Landlord Portal.

I understand that I am being given access to data held by Redbridge Council on the agreement that I am a landlord in receipt of Housing Benefit for the claimant. I will notify the council at once whenever I cease to be a claimant's landlord.

I agree to protect the security of the data that I have access to and to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and all other legal obligations when accessing and using the Landlord Portal. I will not disclose my username or password to any unauthorised person. I will change my password every 30 days and whenever an authorised person with access to the Landlord Portal leave my organisation. I agree not to disclose any information I obtain via this portal to any third parties. I will not deliberately introduce viruses, Trojan horses or any other malware into the system.

I accept that Redbridge Council has the right to revoke my access at any time should they deem necessary.



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