Household support fund

For up to date information about the Household Support Fund visit the Cost of Living site

The Household Support Fund is funded by the UK Government and is designed to help households with the cost-of-living crisis. This funding will come to an end in Autumn 2024. Residents are recommended to work with other services and organisations to ensure they improve their financial stability.

You can find more information on cost of living support by visiting the GOV.UK website.

With rises in energy, petrol and food prices, thousands of households across our borough have been feeling the squeeze.

Redbridge Council is distributing the Household Support Fund through:

  • direct applications by residents at outreach events
  • applications by professionals
  • applications by third party organisations
  • free school meals outside of term time
  • supporting third party organisations 
  • proactive support to identified cohorts 

These are designed to assist low income, vulnerable households with essentials, including food, energy and water, essentials linked to energy and water and wider essentials. 

Redbridge Council is working with its partners across the public and voluntary sectors to support you; especially vulnerable people and those hit hardest.

Since October 2021, we have been distributing funds allocated to help Redbridge families and individuals needing extra support. The Council has delivered £5.8m worth of support:

  • 77,000 awards to Redbridge residents
  • 658k meals outside of term time for over 35,000 pupils
  • 4470 Warm Packs sent to low-income pensioner households
  • 792 vulnerable single adults targeted for support
  • Support to local foodbanks

These awards helped residents in many ways including meeting food, energy and water costs and providing essentials like warm clothing, sanitary products, soap, blankets, boiler servicing or buying vital appliances like freezers and ovens.

Redbridge Council sent low-income pensioners in the borough a warm pack. It supported 4470 households with vouchers to be set against heating bills, thermometers to ensure rooms were being kept at safe temperatures and information on where to access additional support to manage through the cost-of-living crisis.

There are different ways of accessing the Household Support Fund:

  • Referral by a professional currently working with you or your family, such as a social worker, educational welfare officer, family support worker or through your child's school
  • Citizens Advice Redbridge based at the Central Library can make referrals
  • Attending one of our drop-in sessions that will be publicised here

The Household Support Fund is an emergency fund and we ask that residents first use the benefits calculator to ensure they are getting all the benefits they are rightly entitled to.  

For the longer term, it is important to improve your chances of getting into a job. The Council provides support for that too through Work Redbridge.

Residents are urged to make the most of 2 great places to save money in the borough:

  1. Ilford Community Grocery Store. Join this grocery for £5 a year and you can buy 12 items for just £5. It is located at 25-29 Clements Road, Ilford. For more details visit the Community Grocery website 
  2. The TCL Reuse Centre sells refurbished furniture and white goods at very affordable prices. For more details visit The Reuse Centre website 


What is the eligibility criteria for the Redbridge Household Support Fund?

The Household Support Fund is discretionary and assessed on a case-by-case basis. You will need to meet at least the following eligibility criteria to be considered for a payment:

  • No one in your household has received a payment from HSF in the last four months
  • You must be over 18
  • You must live in Redbridge, or
  • Reside in out of borough, temporary accommodation provided by Redbridge Council
  • You must not have household savings over £1000
  • You must demonstrate that you are in ‘financial crisis’ This can be defined as ‘an inability to meet essential payments out of disposable income or at all’. Examples include non-payments of essential bills or having to borrow further to repay existing debts.’


How can I apply for the Household Support Fund? 

You can apply through a professional at Redbridge Council, through a trusted partner, for example Citizens Advice Redbridge or directly at a Cost of Living event (see below).


Cost of Living events 

Redbridge Council is holding a series of events where you can receive advice on the cost of living.

We are working with our partners across the public and voluntary sector to support our residents, especially vulnerable people and those hit hardest.

Staff from the council and local organisations will provide one-to-one information and advice on a range of topics, including:

  • Income maximisation
  • Improving financial resilience
  • Work, skills, and training courses
  • Support for families and children
  • General Cost of Living guidance and tips, including managing energy efficiency

Please note, for any applications under the Household Support Fund you will need to provide proof of address and income for all household members. We may be unable to proceed with an application without this information. If you have received a payment within the last four months you will not be eligible for another payment.

Our events are inclusive to all residents, including those who do not have recourse to public funds. Information, advice and support will be provided to everyone.

Further events will be confirmed in due course.