What is adoption?

Adoption gives children,  who cannot be brought up by their birth family an opportunity to find a new permanent family. When you adopt, this will end the child's legal relationship with their birth parent(s) and you will be legally responsible for them as their new parents.

This is different to fostering children, as a foster parent you don't have full legal rights and responsibilities for the children.

Thinking about adoption?

To find out more about the adoption process and how we can help support you, visit Coram’s adoption website. We work together with Coram Adoption who have more than 40 years of experience and run 1 of the largest and most well respected voluntary adoption services in the UK. 

Inter country adoption

Adopting a child from a country outside of the UK is called inter country adoption.

The Inter Country Adoption Centre  (ICA) offer advice on behalf of us about adopting a child from abroad. ICA may be involved with an assessment of adopters who want to adopt from overseas.  

  • contact advice line: 020 8447 4753 

Choosing adoption for your child

Please call us on 020 8708 3885 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday to talk to us.


Are you adopted and looking for your birth records?

You can contact us or email

If you were born on or before 12 November 1975 then you are required to see a Counsellor before you can have access to birth records.


Are you looking for information or birth records about a relative?

Email us at or add yourself to the Adoption Contact Register.


Redbridge adoptive charter

This charter is a statement of Redbridge Adoption Service’s commitment and ambition to improve the outcomes for children being adopted and for adopters.

The Adopters’ Charter is designed to be a working agreement between Redbridge Adoption Service – as an adoption agency – and potential adoptive parents. It forms a basis for adopters to engage with, and to question planning and decision making regarding the services we provide.