Redbridge Plan 2022-26

The Redbridge Plan 2022-26 is our corporate plan and describes the priorities of the council following local elections in May 2022.

The document, which will be published on 21 July following a meeting of our full council, describes tackling poverty and building a cleaner, greener, fairer, and healthier borough, as the council’s key ambitions.

It also aims to address the borough’s unique challenges whilst unleashing its untapped potential following a period of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It also considers the current economic backdrop and pressures on local people caused by the ‘cost of living’ crisis and sets out ideas for improvements at the council to guarantee it can operate within its budget.

The document is structured into four themes, namely:

  • Safe and Healthy
  • Homes and Neighbourhood
  • Jobs and Skills
  • Clean and Green

Under each theme is a set of ambitions we will work to achieve in this four-year period.

In addition, we will publish our long-term goals for the borough.

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