Redbridge Compact

What is the Redbridge Compact?

The Redbridge Compact is a joint agreement between voluntary groups and public bodies and exists to help the partners improve their relationship for mutual advantage and community gain.

Since the first agreement was established in 2003, the Compact has led to a stronger working relationship between the voluntary and public sectors.

This success was formally recognised in 2010 when the Redbridge Compact was awarded the Excellence Award for Local Partnership Working at a National Compact Awards.

Would you like someone to visit your group?

If you would like someone to visit your group to discuss the Compact please contact Ross:

  • Ross Diamond via email or call 020 8514 9612 at RedbridgeCVS, 103 Cranbrook Road, Ilford IG1 4PU.


What will Compact do?

The new Compact will offer groups a stronger voice for what the sector want and support for what they do. Public bodies will recognise the legal rights of local groups to campaign, comment on, and challenge their policies without fear of funding at risk.

It will strengthen arrangements for involving groups at all stages of service development and service delivery by creating opportunities for their knowledge and expertise to influence decisions at an early stage and enable public bodies to recognise the differences within individual equality strands.

Compact Voice recognises Redbridge Compact as a model of good practice - read more on their website


Compact Awards 2015

We are pleased to announce that 5 submissions from Redbridge were short listed and received awards in 2015.

Read about the 2015 Compact Awards (PDF 876KB)


Redbridge Compact and PaVSP annual reports

Redbridge Compact, and the Public and Voluntary Sectors' Partnership have published their reports on their work for 2015 to 2016.

Download the 2015 to 2016 Compact annual report (PDF 816 KB) 

The PaVSP report can be found on the RedbridgeCVS website.


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