Registration and celebratory services privacy notice

Personal information which you are required by law to provide for a registration will be kept by the Superintendent Registrar, Mrs Julie Bryant. A copy of the information you supply will also be sent to the General Register Office for England and Wales so that a central record of all registrations can be maintained.

A copy of any register entry will be provided to any applicant, provided that they supply enough information to identify the entry concerned and pay the appropriate fee. The copy may only be issued in the form of a paper certified copy (a’certificate’). An application for a certificate may be made to either the Local Register Office or to the General Register Office.

The General Register Office makes indexes, for the central record for registrations, publicly available in order to help members of the public identify the registration they might need. The Register Office also makes a local index available for this purpose.

Confidential information for statistical purposes which you are required by law to give to the Superintendent Registrar, and other information provided voluntarily, will be passed to the UK Statistics Authority for the preparation and supply of statistics.

As well as providing certificates, the Superintendent Registrar and the GRO may make registration information available to other organisations, for the following purposes:

  1. Statistical or research purposes
  2. Administrative purposes by official bodies e.g. ensuring their records are up-to-date e.g. Council Tax
  3. Fraud prevention or detection, immigration and passport purposes For further information on data held by Registrar General visit the government website.

For further information please see our privacy notices pages.

Staff at this local registration office will be able to provide further information on data held by the registration service