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Redbridge Council always acts upon your choices around what type of communications you want to receive and how you want to receive them. We use email newsletters to keep people in touch with what we’re doing, news and events. We aim to keep your data up to date and welcome any updates to your details or corrections to any inaccuracies you may wish to provide.

Local Authorities wishing to carry out marketing, communicate information to its service users via newsletters or general communications or where they wish to carry out consultations, can rely on- Article (6)(1)(e), their duty to carry out a public task in the public interest as long as they are providing them with the marking, communication or consultation is in relation to the services that they have agreed to receive or are receiving or where the Local Authority has a legal obligation to provide such as; Council tax.

In such situations, it would not be unreasonable for Local Authorities to communicate with those who have ‘signed up’ or who are in receipt of the services, as it would not be an ‘unexpected’ communication. This is known as ‘soft opt in’, where they have not opted in or out of receiving communication about this service (unless they have explicitly told us not to communicate any information to them). However, the service user must be given the opportunity to object to the processing (‘optout’) with each communication and the ‘opt-out’ to receiving future communications, so that we can be confident about any processing or further contacts we make with residents. Any must be considered and recorded unless the department sending the communication can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override the interests, rights and freedoms of the service user.

The London Borough of Redbridge Council has a corporate mailing system to manage mass communications such as sending generic service information out to residents or sending out newsletters in relation to the services provided or received. The corporate mailing system will allow departments to easily manage their service user ‘opt-outs’. Any mass communications, marketing, newsletter or consultations intended to be carried must be clearly stated in the departments Privacy Notice. Where departments wish to carryout marketing communications or consultations that do not fall under article (6)(1)(e), 6(1)(e) ‘…for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority…’ Departments should not use mailing lists that were not obtained from services provided directly to the service user and should seek consent from the service user before sending out the marking communication or consultation.

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