Connexions privacy notice

Who we are and what we do

The Redbridge Connexions Team holds information about the young people we work with in order to provide Careers Information, Advice, Guidance and support and record whether you are in Education, Employment or Training (EET)

We receive information from your school or college, the local authority and of course, from you or your parents/carers.

Why do we need to keep information about you?

  • It helps us to provide the best services we can , to you as an individual
  • It helps us to follow your progress and be there for you if you need us
  • It helps us to give feedback to schools, colleges and training providers on the need for more of different kinds of courses

Under the Education and Skills Act 2008   Section 72, Education establishments are required to share data with the service working with and on behalf of the local authority for the purposes of supporting young people post compulsory education.

The Local Authority is required to collect information about all young people and identify those who are not participating, or are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training), so that they can be provided with support to become EET.

The local authority has a duty to identify and report sixteen (16) and seventeen (17) year olds (by academic age) who are NEET.  This enables the Authority to offer support as soon as possible.  This is referred to in the DfE publication ‘Participation of young people in education, employment or training’ statutory guidance for local authorities, September 2014.

The local authority maintains and updates on the CCIS (Client Caseload Information System) database the annual cohort of years 8 to 14 (age 13-19) and up to twenty-five (25) years of age for those young people with a learning difficulty or disability.

The Integrated Youth Support Solution (IYSS) is the CCIS database used in East London to gather the information.

What information do we keep about you?

Some of the information we hold is personal:

Your name, address and phone number, qualifications, record of careers interviews and action plans as well as information on what job, course or training placement you do after you leave Year 11.

Some of the information could be sensitive:

Your health record, your ethnicity, problems you have had at school or home, housing difficulties or periods of unemployment.

We keep this information both on computers and, very occasionally, in paper files.  You have the right to see your own details and to correct or remove anything about you that is wrong. You can also say no to your details being shared with others.

Who your information may be shared with (internally and externally)

We hold information about young people living in our area, including about their education and training history. This is to support the provision of education up to the age of 20 (and beyond this age for those with a special educational need or disability).  Under parts 1 and 2 of the Education and Skills Act 2008, education institutions and other public bodies (including the Department for Education (DfE), police, probation and health services) may pass information to us to help us to support these provisions.

We ONLY share matters relating to your career plan with people who have a legitimate interest in your progress -  like your school, ex-school, college, other Personal Advisers, the local authority, potential employers and training providers.  This could mean for example, telling:

  1. A training provider about the kind of help you will need
  2. An employer about you, to help you get an interview
  3. Your ex-school about what you are doing after you leave Year 11
  4. A college about your achievements to help you get a place

We need your permission to do this. You will be asked if this is okay. If you say no it may make it difficult for us to help you.

Even when you have given your permission, if there is any sensitive information (e.g. your health, problems at school etc.) we will double-check with you if it is okay to tell someone else.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes.  There are a few situations when we would have to tell someone, even without your permission:

If there is a legal requirement or a duty for us to do so to prevent a serious crime taking place whether now or in the future

If there is a risk of serious harm or threat to life

How long we keep your information

Personal data is stored for the specific purpose intended prior to being archived and fully deleted from the database. CCIS client records are archived for 12 months following the upper limit of the cohort age (age 19 or up to 25 with SEND) and then fully deleted from the database.  In addition, those groups that would benefit from increased retention and monitoring, such as care leavers and those engaging with additional services, may have their retention period increased to allow access to services. Archived data is fully deleted within 12 months to allow for subject access requests and reinstatement of clients not previously identified as SEND.

How you can access, update or correct your information

The Data Protection law gives you the right to apply for a copy of information about yourself.  This is called a ‘Subject Access Request'.

To find out more on how to make a Subject Access Request, go to:

The accuracy of your information is important to us to be able to provide relevant services more quickly.   We are working to make our record keeping more efficient.  In the meantime, if you change your address or email address, or if any of your circumstances change or any of the other information we hold is inaccurate or out of date, please email us at:  or write to us at:

Redbridge Connexions,

12th Floor, Lynton House,

255-259 High Road,

Ilford, Essex IG1 1NN. 

Office Tel: 020 8708 2600

Your information choice and rights

Information Commissioner’s Office

The Information Commissioner is the UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights.

If you would like to know more about your rights under the Data Protection law, and what you should expect from us, visit the Information Commissioner’s website.

If you have any concerns regarding our privacy practices or about exercising your Data Protection rights, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at : Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF.  Tel: 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545 745