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Who we are and what we do

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Why we need your information and how we use it

We need to collect and share information in order to deliver our services effectively. We take our responsibility to protect your data seriously and we will use it in accordance with the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Parental consent is now required for the processing of personal data of children under the age of 16. Silence or inactivity does not constitute consent; clear and affirmative consent to the processing of private data must be provided. By completing a valid application you are giving your consent.

We will be compliant with the School Admissions Code, which has the force of law. The purpose of the Code is to ensure that all school places for maintained schools (excluding maintained special schools) and Academies are allocated and offered in an open and fair way and in accordance with the published admission arrangements for the school. The Code requires local authorities to coordinate the admission arrangements for entry to Reception, Year 3 in junior schools and Year 7 in secondary schools.

In respect of in-year admissions, the local authority is the admission authority for all community schools. Academies, including free schools, foundation and voluntary aided schools may delegate the coordination of their admissions to the local authority or may handle their own in-year applications as own admission authority (OAA) schools.

The information you provide to us on your application, including any supporting papers will be used to:

  • process your application
  • ensure the efficient co-ordination and fair allocation of school places in accordance with the School Admissions Code and local Fair Access Protocol
  • consider Admission Appeals
  • to register your child to sit the 11+ selection test
  • populate our education database which runs our admissions and transfers allocation system


What type of information is collected from you

In order to effectively and efficiently process 11+ registration applications, applications for admissions to schools and school admission appeals the following information is collected:

  • name, date of birth and gender of the child
  • address where the child ordinarily lives at the time of application, which will be used for distance calculation purposes
  • school preferences
  • reasons for requesting a school place
  • reasons for appealing against the refusal of a school
  • supplementary information, if required by individual school admission policies
  • parent name and contact details
  • details of siblings
  • current or last education provision
  • child looked after status or adoption
  • additional certification if applying for a faith school on denominational grounds
  • whether the child has a statement of educational need or EHC Plan
  • whether the parent works for the school requested
  • whether the child has been permanently excluded from their last provision
  • whether the child has attended school in England before
  • additional information as required under our Fair Access Protocol 


Who your information may be shared with (internally and externally)

 Agencies we will share the information with:

  • education providers to advise them of upcoming admissions
  • other local authorities, to enable neighbouring LAs to run their co-ordinated offer scheme accurately
  • OAA schools to enable them to administer their admissions accurately
  • department for Education to comply with statutory data collections
  • other teams within the LA to verify the information provided so that the admission process can be accurately administered
  • identified selective school where an 11+ selection test will be taken, if not a Redbridge grammar school
  • admission appeal panels
  • the Schools Adjudicator in response to any complaints made
  • the Local Government Ombudsman who has a remit for investigating maladministration in respect of school admissions and appeal


How long we keep your information

We retain your information for five years if you are refused a school place and one year if you are offered your first preference school.

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Protecting your information

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How you can access, update or correct your information

The Data Protection law gives you the right to apply for a copy of information about yourself. This is called a ‘Subject Access Request'. Find out more about how to make a Subject Access Request.

The accuracy of your information is important to us to be able to provide relevant services more quickly. We are working to make our record keeping more efficient. In the meantime, if you change your address or email address, or if any of your circumstances change or any of the other information we hold is inaccurate or out of date, please email us at or write to us at:

Admissions, Awards & Complaints
Lynton House
255-259 High Road
Ilford, Essex

Phone: 020 8708 3121

Your information choice and rights 

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