Petition Schedule 2023

Petitions schedule 2023

Save Wanstead Youth Centre

Ref: Pet. 461

Date received: 17.02.23


We the undersigned are opposed to Redbridge Managements proposal to "close Wanstead Youth Centre for hire by May 2023".

We petition Redbridge Council to ensure Management withdraw their proposal to close the Centre. Over 1200 young people, vulnerable individuals that includes the wider Community, using the Centre on a weekly basis for recreation, sports, and various other activities that promote health, well-being, and social interaction. We also petition Redbridge Council to engage with the Youth, all users of the Centre and the wider community, about the future of this valuable resource, as a facility and venue for the Youth and Community of Redbridge.

Number of signatories: 1,892


17.02.23 - Acknowledgment sent and Invitation sent to debate at Full Council on 23 March 2023

Petition Closed.

Ingleby Road Parking

Ref: Pet. 462

Date received: 29.09.23


Petition from residents of Ingleby Road requesting double yellow lines around the junction of Ingleby road and Melbourne Road. 

Number of signatories: 35


19.09.23 - Acknowledgement sent.

05.02.24 - Highways - “The requested double yellow lines at the junction of Ingleby Road and Melbourne Road were advertised on 1 February 2024, inviting any formal objections for a period of 21 days.  Any objections received will be fully considered in reaching a final decision.”

Petition Closed.

Chafford Way Parking

Ref: Pet. 463

Date received: 29.09.23


We the undersigned residents of Chafford Way, RM6 5DP, request Redbridge Council to introduce single yellow lines with restrictions throughout Chafford Way on parking between 8.00 and 9.30am and 2.30 and 4.00pm during school term time, to prevent the obstruction of Chafford Way and residents'' access to and from their drives. 

Number of signatories: 42


29.09.23 - Acknowledgment sent 

05.02.24 - Highways - "Owing to the requirement for full consultation under this request and our resources already being fully committed, this request is currently on our works programme for 2024/25.  We are unable to provide any estimated timeframes for consultation at this stage, as progression on the programme will be subject to ongoing resources, funding and prioritisation."

Petition Closed.

Abbotsford Gardens Parking Restrictions

Ref: Pet. 464

Date received: 03.11.23


The below residents of Abbotsford Gardens in the Churchfield Ward of Woodford Green request that all properties on this road are immediately exempt from the Cavendish Avenue and Fairlawn Drive motor vehicle restrictions.

Number of signatories: 83


03.11.23 – Acknowledgement sent.

11.12.23 – Highways – “ Motor vehicles have been banned from driving through part of Cavendish Avenue and Fairlawn Drive (from 7.30am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm,  Monday to Friday) for the last 40 years.  This is to help prevent rat-running through residential roads during busy peak traffic periods.  In 2015, the locking of physical road barriers was decommissioned and replaced by enforcement cameras.

In more recent years, the Council had received requests from local residents and Ward Councillors asking for an exemption from the enforcement cameras.  The requested exemptions would allow local residents to pass freely through the road lengths where the ban applies without penalty. 

In response to these requests, Highways officers met with Ward Councillors and the Cabinet Member in November 2022 to review which properties should be eligible for an exemption.   When considering the size of the exemption area, it was agreed that those properties closest to and therefore most affected by the vehicle prohibitions in Cavendish Avenue and Fairlawn Drive should be allowed an exemption.  While smaller and larger areas were considered, it was agreed that a middle ground option represented a good comprise.  The agreed exemption area was not intended to cover the full estate.  While the exemption boundary has to be drawn somewhere, understandably leading to disappointment for those living just outside, the new exemption area does include nearly 1,000 of those properties located closest to the vehicle prohibitions.   

A consultation with all properties inside the proposed exemption area was subsequently launched in March 2023.  The intention of the consultation was to formally establish the level of support for exempting those local residents from the existing vehicle prohibitions and for any other local concerns or objections to be raised.  When reporting the results of the consultation for a final decision, it was noted that of the 459 submissions accepted from residents, 88% were fully in favour of the proposals.  It was also noted that some residents from Abbotsford Gardens, while not part of the proposed exemption area, had responded to the consultation requesting their inclusion.  After careful consideration, it was agreed with Ward Members that the proposed exemption should proceed but without the addition of Abbotsford Gardens at that time (it was acknowledged that its inclusion at this stage would likely lead to other adjoining roads making similar requests, resulting in an expanding exemption area without the benefit of being able to review the impact of the preferred option).

A plan showing the agreed exemption area is attached. 

Following the new exemption area going live in July 2023, there were continued exemption requests and concerns received from Abbotsford Gardens.  To ensure the matter was given full attention, Officers reported these further submissions from Abbotsford Gardens back to the Cabinet Member in September 2023.  After careful consideration, it was agreed that a review of the exemption area would be undertaken after one full year of operation.  This is to allow the new exemption scheme sufficient time to fully settle before deciding on any recommended changes.  Any submissions received until that time will continue to be recorded and included for consideration in that review.

Petition Closed.

Ilford Lane Crossing

Ref: Pet. 465

Date Received: 15.11.23 


Petition for safe crossing facility in Ilford Lane.

The Redbridge Gujrati Welfare Association (RGWA) has a large elderly membership who use the Methodist church, Ilford Lane - three times per week. Amongst other users of the church is a popular nursery.

The users of both facilities cross the busy Ilford Lane, to and from the Albert Rd which is opposite the church. there have been incidents in recent months, involving the elderly. Fortunately, not too serious but we are concerned about the safety of our elderly members and young parents and their children. 

We the undersigned, therefore, ask the council to urgently consider installing a pelican crossing or a zebra crossing facility in Ilford Lane, between the Method church and the Albert Rd, Ilford.

Number of Signatories: 147


15.11.23 - Acknowledgment sent 

15.11.23 - Highways - " Thank you for your email, please take this email as the formal response to the petition (...) As you are aware, we will be going to public consultation with the Ilford Lane Improvement scheme which includes two new pedestrian crossings by Cecil Road and Henley Road. The crossings also include some complimentary measures to enhance the walking environment in Ilford Lane. The next step in that process is to commence the public consultation.

The locations of the proposed new crossings were aligned with local demand from the initial fact-finding consultation the Council undertook. The two crossings also feature within the top ten incident locations for pedestrians and are supported by the Metropolitan Police who have also identified a road safety issue at these two locations.

The crossing on Albert Road was to be picked up under the Ilford Western Gyratory scheme that also included a crossing of Winston Way to provider a safer pedestrian link to Ilford town centre. Whilst the Council were not awarded the Levelling Up funding by the Government through its bidding process, the council is continuing to seek external funding from the next round of the Levelling Up funding to deliver this transformative major scheme.

The service notes the amenity on the west side of the Ilford Lane is well used by people from the Clementswood side of Ilford Lane including the elderly and young children and have personally noted that this area is used for crossing throughout the day. We will gather all the data required to establish demand, which is well documented already but required as part of the process to deliver the Albert Road crossing as a future project. If we are unsuccessful with the next bid we will approach Transport for London to get their opinion of the proposed crossing, as TfL own, install and maintain traffic signal infrastructure and can object to them being put in place for various reasons such as traffic impacts to Winston Way, or bus timeliness impacts.

In the meantime, the service will also look to include this in its next Transport for London Local Implementation Plan (LIP) bid for the years 2025-2028 to secure the funding to begin work on the crossing subject to initial TfL comments

I trust this answers your email in full. I will be sharing the Ilford Lane Improvement scheme details with you and other ward members shortly prior to moving to public consultation."

Petition Closed.