Future plans for Community Hubs

A new Community Hub is coming to Gants Hill

The community hub will be a new building that contains services provided by the council and space for the local community. It will be located  at Gants Hill Library on 490 Cranbrook Road.

Your input will shape:

  • what services and facilities the Hub will offer
  • how the local community uses and gets involved with it
  • how it should look and feel

Thank you to those who came to the workshops on the 10th July to help shape the Community Hub coming to Gants Hill. This hub will be co-designed by residents for the whole community and ideas and views have been taken on board. A full engagement report for Stage 1 consultation will be published by end of August.

Complete the Gants Hill consultation survey


Seven Kings

The first Seven Kings Community Hub co-design meeting took place on the 11 July at Isaac Newton Academy. The community came together to start thinking about design, look and feel. The next meeting will take place in September at Isaac Newton Academy. The date and time are still to be confirmed.

The Stage 1 Consultation report for Seven Kings Community Hub has been published as a full version and as a summary version.


Community Hubs

The London Borough of Redbridge has unveiled plans to work with local people to shape and co-design six state-of-the-art Community Hubs across the borough – integrated facilities that enhance and improve the quality of services for local people – in addition to a new civic centre in our main urban area of Ilford. It is the Council’s ambition that these Community Hubs will become the centre of civic and community life in their respective neighbourhoods, with locally-focused Council services being delivered side by side with a variety of other possible services such as a library, leisure centre, GP surgery, police or children’s centre.

A key part of this work is a significant emphasis on engagement and co-production to ensure that the final Hubs provide the opportunities and services that the local community wants and needs. We want the local community to feel a sense of ownership about their Hub so that it can become a focal point for community activity and relationship-building. Integration is a key consideration that we want to build into the Hubs from the very beginning.

Are you interested in getting involved? Each hub location will host bespoke consultations to ensure that each hub is representative of the unique needs of its community. Scroll below to find additional background information on the Community Hubs programme, in addition to the Co-production Consultation section to see how you can participate in this important work and helpful Frequently Asked Questions about this initiative.



Council has approved the locations of the community hubs.

Community Hub


Seven Kings

672-674 High Road, IG3 8RU

Gants Hill

490-500 Cranbrook Road, IG2 6LA


100 Manford Way, IG7 4DD


Spratt Hall Road, E11 2RQ

Ashton Field Woodford

598 Chigwell Road, IG8 8AA

Ilford Civic Centre

128-142 High Road, IG1 1DD

View an interactive map of the proposed community hubs.


Co-Production and Engagement

We want to co-produce each community hub with residents – working together to shape, design and co-develop six state-of-the-art hubs – integrated facilities that enhance and improve the quality of services and life for local people.  The community hubs programme is a chance to build stronger, more accessible Redbridge services in partnership with our residents.  

As part of our commitment to ensuring that residents are fully involved in the development of each community hub and co-design the project, we are establishing a unique and dedicated consultation period for each site.  An indicative timetable is below:

Community Hub

Consultation Opens

Consultation Closes


Consultation Report

Seven Kings

February 2019

31 May 2019

View the Seven Kings Community Hub Consultation

View Seven Kings Summary Consultation Report


View Seven Kings Full Consultation Report

Gants Hill

10 June 2019

1 September 2019

View the Gants Hill Community Hub Consultation

















Ilford Civic Centre

January 2020

December 2020



In addition to bespoke online consultations for each hub, a variety of in-person sessions will be held to directly understand the views of residents on developing a proposed way forward.  Check back here for updates.

Have specific questions or want to provide direct feedback? Feel free to e-mail the programme team direct at hubs@redbridge.gov.uk or by post at Community Hubs Team, London Borough of Redbridge, Lynton House, 12-Rear, 255-259 High Road, Ilford, London IG1 1NN.


What is a Community Hub?

Community Hubs serve as central access point to health, social, cultural and other local resources residents need in one location – either a physical building or a digital service. 

Why are Community Hubs important?

Community hubs offer easy access to client-focused services and resources that respond to the needs of individual communities. Each of the community hubs in Redbridge will be community-driven and co-produced, ensuring better cohesion within neighbourhoods.

What kind of services, organisations or agencies will be located in each Community Hub?

There is no specific formula for a community hub.  Services that might go into the hubs could include state-of-the-art modern libraries; children’s and youth centres; social services teams; police contact point; NHS Surgery and Polyclinic; voluntary and community groups; and, leisure services. However, this will ultimately depend on what our residents want, the unique needs of each community and the extent to which services are already available.  Each of the six hubs will be co-produced by residents to ultimately serve as a central access point for many different services that respond to unique local needs. 

Will Community Hubs result in the closure of my existing service?

No, this is about improving services and increasing accessibility and not about service closures or reductions.  Existing services within the catchment areas of Community Hubs will be consolidated into their new facility and the older buildings becoming surplus and disposed of.

Where will the Community Hubs be located?

Six community hubs are proposed for the neighbourhoods of Seven Kings, Gants Hill, Hainault, Wanstead, Woodford and Ilford Town Centre.  A map of the proposed hubs and their catchment areas can be found here.

What has Cabinet agreed?

In November 2018, Cabinet approved:

  • consolidating service delivery across the Council into the five proposed community hubs;
  • approving Seven Kings, Gants Hill, Ashton Play Fields, Wanstead and Hainault as hub sites;
  • updating Redbridge Living brief to include Seven Kings and Gants Hill at Gateway One approval to include provisioning for a community hub;
  • authorise officers to open discussions with relevant parties to effect the delivery of community hubs; and
  • seeking Cabinet approval on the proposed way forward with respect to community hubs at Seven Kings and Gants Hill prior to development.

A copy of the Cabinet paper can be found here.

Officers will be working with residents of each of the hub locations to co-design each hub, ensuring that each site is community-led and driven by resident views of what they want in their locality.  An engagement timetable has been identified above.

Isn’t this all going to be very expensive?

The community hubs will be built by council’s housing company, Redbridge Living, as part of wider housing developments across the borough. We expect that this approach will mean the council faces very few direct costs. In the long run it will save money improving quality whilst preserving services locally.

Do you own the Seven Kings site?

Yes, the Council owns the Seven Kings site at 672-674 High Road (a parking lot adjacent to the Seven Kings TFL Station).

Are you moving the Seven Kings Library into the new Community Hub?

Yes!  We want to work with residents to co-design and build a state-of-the-art facility to move the existing library into.

Will the library be the same size and offering the same services as currently on offer at Seven Kings?

The new facility will be larger and offer more services than those currently available at the existing Seven Kings Library.

Will the Seven Kings Community Hub have any space that residents or groups can rent for events?

We anticipate that there will be multi-purpose space available for rent for both individuals and organisations; however, this will be designed in partnership with residents based upon the community’s overall needs.

What will happen to the Seven Kings library during construction of the community hub?

All existing services in the Seven Kings area will remain open as usual and unaffected by the development of the community hub.

How many new homes are you proposing?

There is an allocation of 170 new residences identified in Appendix 1 of the Local Plan, but we intend on seeking the public’s views before we make any plans or final recommendations.  If you have any views about the proposal to establish residential property on this site, please participate in the consultation process above.

Will there be any commercial space for small/local businesses?

This will be open for consultation with residents, but we envisage space will primarily be available for services rather than business.  If you have any views about the types of services we should offer from community hubs, please participate in the consultation process above.

Will the proposed space for local police teams be a contact point for the public too?

If the police and residents want this, we will make this available for police-public contact.

How much will the Seven Kings Community Hub cost and will local taxpayers be responsible for paying for it?

In absence of any plans as to what the community hub will be (as we want the community to design it), we are unable to provide any preliminary costs at this time.  However, we anticipate that most of the costs will be absorbed from the development of new housing on the site.

When will you submit a planning application?

It is anticipated that a planning application for the Seven Kings site will be submitted following the public consultation period later in 2019.

How long will construction last?

This will depend on the complexity and nature of the build, but early indications suggest 18-24 months from commencement to release.


Does the Council own the site for the community hub?

Yes, the Council owns Gants Hill library that will be the site for the community hub with services and a new library

Are you closing Gants Hill Library down?
No, we will not. A new state-of- the-art modern library facility will be part of the community hub with other services

Will you demolish Gants Hill library?

There are no agreed design proposals for the Gants Hill library until we have consulted with residents and neighbourhoods within the locality. The Gants Hill library could be refurbished, extended or re-developed depending on the scope of services to be included in the hub and the amount of space needed.

What will happen to heritage features of Gants Hill library if demolished?

If the outcome of the design brief is to be re-development, careful consideration will be taken, alongside planning policy with heritage features of the library and the design will seek to retain main features or incorporate within new design to retain the historic relevance of the library. The design proposals will have continuous engagement with residents and the community. All community hubs in Redbridge will need to be co-designed and community led.

Will there be a new library of the same size and offering same services in Gants Hill?
Yes, there will be a better library with more services then now.

Will the new library be open for the same hours as it is now?

Depending on what residents choose, it could mean that the library opens for longer.

Will the new hub have any community space that we can rent for events?

This is an opportunity for the residents to say what services and activities they would like in the hub. i.e there could be a flexible community space for hire.

Will there be a reduction in car parking spaces in the car park? 

The car-park is a re-development site for new housing through Redbridge Development company. The design team will work out how much public parking there will be for the community hub and new housing.

What will happen to the library during construction?

If any construction needs to take place, this will either be done as a phased build, or a temporary location for the library would be found in close proximity to the current one.

Will you keep the existing building?

This depends what resident consultations reveal and what the residents want. This will inform the design brief

Is the existing building listed – if so, what is its status?

Yes, this is a locally listed building. Any changes and demolition would need to have residents’ involvement before anything can happen.

Why not just leave Gants Hill Library alone? Are there any problems with it right now?

As the council’s grant funding is cut further by central Government it could mean that facilities such as this may need to be closed. Future proofing the currently library and other services, accommodated in a community hub to save time and money for our residents is vital if we are to secure the future of the library.

How many new homes are you proposing?

There are no confirmed numbers as yet. The design team are working on different options for the site that will benefit new and existing residents with number of homes and designing a sustainable environment. Designs options with the new housing will be consulted on with residents

Is this an appropriate location for new homes?

The locations we are proposing Community Hubs, like at Gants Hill are close to public transport links which is vital for any new housing sites.

Will there be any commercial space for small/local businesses?

This will be open for consultation with residents, but we envisage space will primarily be available for services rather than business.

Will the proposed space for local police teams be a contact point for the public too?

If the police and residents want this, we will make this available for police-public contact.

How much will this hub cost and will local taxpayers cough up the money for it?

As there are no current plans, we are unable to estimate costs but it is envisaged that any new homes will help pay for the build.

When will you submit a planning application?

Once outline designs are consulted on then detailed designs will be submitted to Planning.

How long will construction last?

This will depend on when the Hub is designed and will depend on the complexity and nature of the build.

Will the current garden be built over? Will there be any open space?

This is open to resident consultation; green space is important to Redbridge Council so we would look at keeping as much green and garden space as possible in any new Community Hub.

What will happen to the traffic light crossing in front of the library now?

Any safety crossings in an around any Community Hub will remain or relocated very close to sites depending on requirements.


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