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Future plans for Community Hubs

Community Hubs

We have unveiled plans to work with local people to shape and co-design six state-of-the-art Community Hubs across the borough – integrated facilities that enhance and improve the quality of services for local people – in addition to a new civic centre in our main urban area of Ilford. It is our ambition that these Community Hubs will become the centre of civic and community life in their respective neighbourhoods, with locally-focused council services being delivered side by side with a variety of other possible services such as a library, leisure centre, GP surgery, police or children’s centre. 

Read our Cabinet Report from November 2018 (PDF 987kb)

A key part of this work is a significant emphasis on engagement and co-production to ensure that the final Hubs provide the opportunities and services that the local community wants and needs. We want the local community to feel a sense of ownership about their Hub so that it can become a focal point for community activity and relationship-building. Integration is a key consideration that we want to build into the Hubs from the very beginning.

Are you interested in getting involved? Each hub location will host bespoke consultations to ensure that each hub is representative of the unique needs of its community. Scroll below to find additional background information on the Community Hubs programme, in addition to the Co-production Consultation section to see how you can participate in this important work and helpful Frequently Asked Questions about this initiative.


Gants Hill Community Hub

The community hub will be a new building that contains services and space for the local community at Gants Hill Library.

Find out about more information and the latest engagement events on our Gants Hill Community Hub page.


Seven Kings Community Hub

Stage 1 Consultation report for Seven Kings Community Hub has been published as a full version (PDF 1.21mb) and as a summary version (PDF 6.44kb).

View our September Cabinet Report for Seven Kings (PDF 406kb)


Seven Kings Community Hub Engagement Events


Please note the next Public Engagement event for the Seven Kings development that was due to take place on Friday, 20 March has now been cancelled due to the current COVID-19 situation in accordance with government advice.

We are reviewing alternative online engagement options to ensure you can have your say. Please watch this space for further updates.


Past Seven Kings Community Hub Events

Co-Design meeting Monday 24 January 2020

Architects presented on the design of the combined hub with health services. The workshop brought together the community, council staff and health colleagues to review design options.


Co-Design meeting Monday 18 November

The group discussed the following topics, food and beverage, wayfinding and signage, green space and sustainability, integration of health services and inter-generational space and activities.  Notes of the meeting will follow soon. 

View Seven Kings co design meeting notes 18 November 


Co -Design meeting Monday 21 October

Architects presented two options of the layout of the community hub for resident feedback. Residents also engaged in a community asset mapping exercise.

View the meeting agenda (PDF 273 KB)

View Seven Kings co design group Terms of Reference (PDF 393kb)

View the Seven Kings community asset map (PDF 320kb)

View the Seven Kings co design group design material (PDF 3,144kb)


Planning consultation event Friday 27 September

Thank you to those who attended the Seven Kings planning consultation event on Friday 27 September.

View the Seven Kings planning consultation event flyer (PDF 137kb)

View the Seven Kings information banner (PDF 5,046kb)


Co-design meeting Thursday 11 July

The first Seven Kings Community Hub co-design meeting took place on the 11 July at Isaac Newton Academy. The community came together to start thinking about design, look and feel.

View the notes from the first co-design meeting (PDF 292kb).

View the Look and Feel document from the architects (PDF 1861kb)



Stage 1: Public consultation and engagement activities over a three-month period. Public events taking place and surveys to identify what services and activities the public would like to see in their respective community hub. During these early discussions, contacts are collated for residents who express an interest to remain involved in the co-design of their community hub.

Stage 2: A broadly representative group of residents is formed to work with the Council and the design team to co-design the hubs drawing on the feedback from stage one and specific design events undertaken in stage two.

Stage 3: Detailed designs to submit planning application.



We want to co-produce each community hub with residents, working together to shape, design and co-develop six state-of-the-art hubs, integrated facilities that enhance and improve the quality of services and life for local people.  The community hubs programme is a chance to build stronger, more accessible Redbridge services in partnership with our residents.  

As part of our commitment to ensuring that residents are fully involved in the development of each community hub and co-design the project, we are establishing a unique and dedicated consultation period for each site.  An indicative timetable is below:

Community Hub

Consultation Opens

Consultation Closes


Consultation Report

Seven Kings

February 2019

31 May 2019

View the Seven Kings Community Hub Consultation

View Seven Kings Summary Consultation Report (PDF 6.44kb)


View Seven Kings Full Consultation Report (PDF 1.21mb)

Gants Hill

10 June 2019

1 September 2019

View the Gants Hill Community Hub Consultation

















Ilford Civic Centre






In addition to bespoke online consultations for each hub, a variety of in-person sessions will be held to directly understand the views of residents on developing a proposed way forward.  Check back here for updates.

Have specific questions or want to provide direct feedback? Feel free to email the programme team direct at or by post at Community Hubs Team, London Borough of Redbridge, Lynton House, 12-Rear, 255-259 High Road, Ilford, London IG1 1NN.


What is a Community Hub?

Community Hubs serve as central access point to health, social, cultural and other local resources residents need in one location – either a physical building or a digital service. 

Why are Community Hubs important?

Community hubs offer easy access to client-focused services and resources that respond to the needs of individual communities. Each of the community hubs in Redbridge will be community-driven and co-produced, ensuring better cohesion within neighbourhoods.

What kind of services, organisations or agencies will be located in each Community Hub?

There is no specific formula for a community hub.  Services that might go into the hubs could include state-of-the-art modern libraries; children’s and youth centres; social services teams; police contact point; NHS Surgery and Polyclinic; voluntary and community groups; and, leisure services. However, this will ultimately depend on what our residents want, the unique needs of each community and the extent to which services are already available.  Each of the six hubs will be co-produced by residents to ultimately serve as a central access point for many different services that respond to unique local needs. 

Will Community Hubs result in the closure of my existing service?

No, this is about improving services and increasing accessibility and not about service closures or reductions.  Existing services within the catchment areas of Community Hubs will be consolidated into their new facility and the older buildings becoming surplus and disposed of.

Where will the Community Hubs be located?

Six community hubs are proposed for the neighbourhoods of Seven Kings, Gants Hill, Hainault, Wanstead, Woodford and Ilford Town Centre.  Check our map of the proposed hubs and their catchment areas.

What has Cabinet agreed?

In November 2018, Cabinet approved:

  • consolidating service delivery across the Council into the five proposed community hubs;
  • approving Seven Kings, Gants Hill, Ashton Play Fields, Wanstead and Hainault as hub sites;
  • updating Redbridge Living brief to include Seven Kings and Gants Hill at Gateway One approval to include provisioning for a community hub;
  • authorise officers to open discussions with relevant parties to effect the delivery of community hubs; and
  • seeking Cabinet approval on the proposed way forward with respect to community hubs at Seven Kings and Gants Hill prior to development.

Check our Cabinet paper (PDF 988kb).  

Officers will be working with residents of each of the hub locations to co-design each hub, ensuring that each site is community-led and driven by resident views of what they want in their locality.  An engagement timetable has been identified above.

Isn’t this all going to be very expensive?

The community hubs will be built by council’s housing company, Redbridge Living, as part of wider housing developments across the borough. We expect that this approach will mean the council faces very few direct costs. In the long run it will save money improving quality whilst preserving services locally.


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