Council departments and officers

Senior management

The management team takes responsibility for all of the Council's activities under the support of the Council Members.


  • lead
  • direct 
  • manage Redbridge Council and
  • help others to do so

The management team works closely with the Cabinet cycle and meet fortnightly.

The work programme of the management team closely mirrors that of the Cabinet with many of the items discussed eventually becoming Cabinet Reports. The officer parts of Cabinet reports are signed off by the management team. The team meets the full Cabinet on a regular basis, and meets the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council fortnightly.

All the key strategies and plans of the Council are initially discussed with the management team. The team also deals with major or difficult operational issues, particularly where more than one department is involved. The aim is to leave Corporate Directors, and through them heads of service, as free as possible to manage the day-to-day business of the Council.

The Redbridge senior management team are:

  • Andy Donald - Chief Executive
  • Maria Christofi - Corporate Director of Resources
  • Simon Parker - Corporate Director of Strategy
  • Adrian Loades - Corporate Director of People

Directors nominate a senior officer in their management team to represent them at management team meetings if they are not able to attend.

View the Redbridge Council management structure chart (PDF 604KB)

The Chief Executive, or the person he delegates as his deputy if he is on leave, chairs the management team meeting.  As head of the paid service, the Chief Executive is to give reasonable instructions to any member of staff, senior or junior, within the framework of policies agreed by the Cabinet and the Council, and subject to the law and best practice.

Decisions are normally reached by discussion and consensus, taking into account the professional views of the heads of department.

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