Climate Change Action Plan

Climate Change journey in Redbridge

Redbridge Council responded to the increasing public concern and extensive scientific evidence on climate change by unanimously passing a climate emergency declaration at a meeting of the Full Council on 20 June 2019.

Following the work of the Climate Change Corporate Panel and based on a Green Audit of the organisation’s baseline emissions from 2019, a three-year action plan was developed to illustrate the opportunities available to address the Climate Emergency and start the council’s journey towards reducing emissions.

The plan represents the start of the council’s journey focussing on reducing the organisation’s own emissions whilst also using the council’s role as a community leader to support the reduction of emissions in the borough.


Overview of the Climate Change Action Plan

The Action Plan was agreed by Cabinet on Tuesday 8 June 2021 and contains 114 commitments which are split into five major categories which include:

  1. Property and Energy
  2. Cleaner Journeys
  3. Waste
  4. Procurement
  5. Enabling Others

In the Action Plan, the council has committed to working towards making Redbridge Council carbon neutral by 2030, carbon zero by 2050 and ensuring all council assets, existing and new, are as energy efficient as possible.

This action plan sets out the start of the journey for reaching the council’s commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030 for those emissions in its direct control whilst also outlining the council’s ambition to become a community leader on climate change.

View the Council's three year action plan (PDF 2.45MB)


Climate Change Annual Report 

When publishing the Climate Change Action Plan, the Council committed to providing an annual report to the Place Scrutiny Committee, however following the recent committee restructure, the report will now be published online. 

The Climate Change Annual Report provides a comprehensive summary of the organisation’s progress on each of the commitments in the action plan and also provides analysis of the latest data on the organisation’s carbon emissions estimates. 

Following the completion of the second year of delivering the action plan, the Council would like to share the Climate Change Annual report with our residents. 

View the Council's Climate Change Annual Report 2023 (PDF 4.98MB)

View the Council's Climate Change Annual Report 2022 (PDF 3.826MB)