Brexit toolkit


New rules came into effect on 1 January 2021 which have impacts for trade, travel and business between the UK and EU.

As the fourth most ethnically diverse borough in the country, we will continue to welcome new residents from the EU and around the world as valued members of our community and commit to providing services to all residents. 

EU citizens living in the UK

If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, you and your family can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to remain lawfully resident in the UK. This means that you will need to apply even if you:

  • Were born in the UK but are not a British citizen
  • Have a UK 'permanent residence document'
  • Are a family member of an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen who does not need to apply, including if they are from Ireland
  • Are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen with a British citizen family member

If you have children, each child must have an individual application.

You will need to verify your identity with an email address, phone number and current, valid biometric EU, EEA or Swiss passport or a valid Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) for family members of an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen. Applications can be made by post, using the Android app or at an identity scanning point.

The deadline for most people to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme was 30 June 2021. However, you can still apply if you're one of the following:

  • the family member of someone from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein who was living here by 31 December 2020, and you join them in the UK on or after 1 April 2021
  • applying for your child, who was born or adopted in the UK on or after 1 April 2021
  • the family member of an eligible person of Northern Ireland, but they could not move back to the UK by 31 December 2020 without you - you must be from outside the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein
  • exempt from immigration control, or you stopped being exempt from immigration control after 30 June 2021
  • here with limited leave to enter or remain in the UK (for example, if you’re here on a work or study visa) which expires after 30 June 2021
  • a family member of a British citizen who you lived with in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein - you must have lived with them in that country by 30 December 2020, and returned to the UK with them

You may also still apply if you have ‘reasonable grounds’ for why you did not apply by the deadline - in this case - you may make a 'late application'. 

There are many different reasons that can be included as reasonable grounds for not applying by the deadline.

You are able to access help with applying, including determining whether you may still be eligible to apply - see below Application Support.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will be issued with either settled or pre-settled status.

  • Settled status is granted to EU citizens who have been UK residents for at least five years.
  • Pre-settled status is granted to EU citizens who have been UK residents for less than five years and applicants will need to apply for settled status after having resided in the UK for 5 years. 

Unsuccessful applicants


There is no cost to apply for the scheme and help to apply is available from the government.

Apply for the EU Settlement Scheme

Application Support

Citizens Advice Redbridge can help you apply for EU Settled Status. Ring 0208 514 9540 or email and one of their dedicated EU advisors can talk through the application process with you and see what support you need to apply. They can offer legal advice with your application, help you track down necessary documents, and get you online. It’s a free service and help is available in many European languages.

Other support is also available:

Claiming benefit 

To continue claiming Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction we have more information on our Benefits for EU Citizens page.

For businesses

More information

  • To find out more about the Settlement Scheme please visit GOV.UK
  • For guidance on staying in the UK after Brexit please visit Citizen’s Advice
  • Contact Citizens Advice Redbridge if you think you've been discriminated against since the referendum (e.g. unfairly refused work/housing)
  • Sign up to email updates from the Home Office