Child Friendly Redbridge

Residents have told us that they want our borough to be a great place for children and families so we are now working with the charity UNICEF and their Child Friendly Cities & Communities initiative to make our community a more child friendly place.


Our aim

We want all children and young people in Redbridge to:

  • Have a say about decisions that affect them
  • Express their views freely and support them do just that
  • Access good health, education, transport and other services
  • Feel safe and protected from discrimination and harm
  • Enjoy public spaces and meet other children freely and safely


We want your views 

We want to tell as many people as possible about Child Friendly Redbridge and get them to share their suggestions with us.

Over the next few months we will be asking you:

  • What you like most about Redbridge
  • What you would like to change about Redbridge
  • What makes you feel unsafe
  • What matters most to you in Redbridge