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Apply for universal & free school meals online

Please complete this application form if you qualify for free school meals for a child attending a REDBRIDGE school. To check if you qualify please refer back to the free school meals information page.

Parent or Guardian's personal details

Please note these details must be for the parent or carer receiving the qualifying benefit. The names you give must match with those on your benefit documents.

Please give details of each child of school age who require Free School Meals.

1-st Child
2-nd Child
3-rd Child
4-th Child
5-th Child
Parental declaration

I declare that the information given is correct to the best of my knowledge and I UNDERTAKE to inform Children’s Services of any change in circumstances and that I will produce proof of my income as required.

The information I have given on the form is true and complete. I accept that the Authority will retain my details for ongoing eligibility checking of my entitlement to Free School Meals and that the Authority may: use this information in the detection and prevent of fraud, share this information with other departments who deal with public funds, or write to the Home Office to check the information I have given. I will inform the Authority of any changes to my circumstances which may effect my entitlement to claim Free School Meals and I will inform my child’s school at once if my FSM entitlement ends and I accept I will be responsible for any charges incurred during this time from which my benefit entitlement ceases.

I give the Children’s Services Admissions & Awards Team permissions to verify my claim for Free School Meals from records with other Council Departments or the DFE database

I confirm I have read and accepted the terms above.

Please double check the details you have provided before submitting your application. Incorrect details may cause delays in your child receiving free school meals


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