Dying Matters Festival - May 2019

Are We Ready?

Redbridge Dying Matters Festival is aimed at sparking conversation and discussion about life and living, death and dying through a series of interactive events that help celebrate life but at the same time remove fear and barriers around the subject of death.

For more information on the programme, contact Rhonda on 020 8708 2409 or via email.


Taking inspiration from the film Coco, you are invited to add your own photos or other elements of remembrance to our Mexican Ofrenda to honour and celebrate the lives of those that have died.

Venue: Fullwell Cross Library

Time: Library opening times from Wednesday 1 to Friday 31 May


The death of someone we know can put us in a position where our words remain forever unspoken. 

#Unsaid is a project from #lifedeathwhatever encouraging everyone to share words that have been left unsaid.

The exhibitions will be at Goodmayes, Hainault and Wanstead Libraries throughout May. You can add to them with your own messages.


Come along to the launch of this new monthly group. The bereavement cafe is intended to empower the bereaved, meet and connect with the bereaved and share their experiences.

Compassionate Bereavement Cafe is facilitated by staff from Compassionate Funerals following the Death Cafe model.

Venue: Wanstead Library

Date: Monday 13 May (followed by Monday 17 June then third Monday each month) 

Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Cost: Free


Talking about death isn’t going to bring it any closer – so why do we avoid the subject? Pop into the library and talk about what end of life care is, where you can get information about what you can expect during end of life care and ways you can plan for your future care.


Library Date Time
Fullwell Cross Library Monday 13 May 11am to 1pm
Woodford Green Library Tuesday 14 May 11am to 2pm
Redbridge Central Library  Thursday 16 May 11am to 1pm


“Grief is the expression of healing in motion” (Martin Prechtel)

This workshop is an invitation to express and share feelings and memories using creative ways. Our personal and collective stories of grief will be gently witnessed and released, making them lighter loads to bear.

This creative workshop is suitable for those who:

  • would like to express feelings of grief and praise (sorrow and love)
  • want to make a deeper connection and feel at peace
  • feel ready to release and free up their capacity to love
  • want to move stuck or blocked emotions safely
  • want to connect with what they cherish
  • wish to honour what is dear to them

At the workshop we will pay homage to personal stories of grief and loss, placing natural objects and laying out materials of various kinds akin to creating a collective wreath. The act of creating a mandala gently focuses our attention so that we can express in a sacred and contained manner.

All ‘grief songs’ are invited to be witnessed and shared. You may grieve the loss of someone, the loss of wildlife and natural habitat, a change of life circumstances, the end of a relationship.

Hot beverages will be offered during the workshop, and there will be a short break midway through.

For more information about the facilitator, Charlotte Kessler, please visit her website

Venue: Wanstead Library

Date: Tuesday 14 May

Time: 6pm to 9pm

Cost: £5

Booking: Places are limited so please book in advance on Eventbrite.

For more information: please contact Rhonda on 020 8708 2409 or via email


Dr Elaine Kasket in conversation with Dr Stacey Pitsillides

As we're compelled to capture, store and share more and more of our personal information, there's something we often forget. All that data doesn't just disappear when our physical bodies shuffle off this mortal coil. Digital afterlives are a natural consequence of the information age, a reality that barely anyone has prepared for - and that 'anyone' probably includes you.

In All the Ghosts in the Machine, psychologist Elaine Kasket weaves together personal true stories and scientific research taking you on a fascinating tour through the valley of digital death, in the process transforming how you think about your life and your legacy.

Elaine will be in conversation with Dr Stacey Pitsillides, whose own research considers how technology and design shift our understanding of death and bereavement.

Copies of All the Ghosts in the Machine will be available for purchase and signing.

Venue: Wanstead Library

Date: Thursday 16 May

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Cost: £3 per ticket

Bookings: with the library on 020 8708 7400 or Eventbrite

For more information:  please contact Rhonda on 020 8708 2409 or via email.


Join us in a relaxed setting to drink tea, eat cake and discuss death positive books!

The group will met bi-monthly and use books as a means to discuss anything you want to in relation to death and dying.

The book under discussion at this launch evening will be 'With the end in mind' by Kathryn Mannix.

Venue: Wanstead Library

Date: Thursday 23 May

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Cost: free, just turn up.

Information: please contact Rhonda on 020 8708 2409 or via email.

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