Do I need permission?

Planning permission or building regulation consent may be required before you start any work on your home improvements or building projects.

If you start work without the correct permission or consent in place you may be liable for enforcement action

You can use the interactive guidance on the Planning Portal to find information on what works you can carry out depending on your property type.

If you require further advice on your development before you submit a planning application please visit our pre-application advice service.


What kind of permission do I need?

Please check the Planning Portal and our make a planning application page for further information on the different types of planning permission.

Permitted development

You may be allowed to make some changes or improvements without planning permission, this is known as “permitted development”, or without building regulation consent; this is known as an “exemption”.

The Planning Portal interactive house guide can provide you with all the measurements and other information necessary to identify if your project is permitted development.

If you think your project is permitted development and does not require planning permission you can apply for a lawful development certificate to have this confirmed by the Council. This will provide you with a decision notice which can be used as confirmation that your works are lawful and do not require planning permission.

Please be aware your permitted development rights can be affected if your property is in a conservation area or is a listed building. In these instances, you may require planning permission.

You may also be liable for a charge under the Community Infrastucture Levy (CIL). This will apply if you are creating more than 100 square metres of new floor area for example, even if the works are permitted development.

Planning permission

If your works are not permitted development you will need planning permission.

The type of planning application will depend on your property type and what your proposal is – most developments and changes of use to non-residential sites (such as extending a shop or changing the use to a restaurant), and the creation of new residential units (such as building a new house or converting a house into flats) requires full planning permission.

Some changes of use can be done under prior approval. This requires an application to the Council. If your change of use does not come under prior approval you will need to apply under full planning permission.

To change the use to a HMO of any size you need to apply under full planning permission. Please view policy LP6 of the Redbridge Local Plan before applying. Please note Redbridge has an Article 4 Direction in place removing the permitted development right for C4 HMO conversions.

For any development, change of use or HMO works to be lawful you may also require a licence which is separate to planning permission.

Dropped kerbs

If your site is on a classified road you will need planning permission to drop the kerb.

If your site is not on a classified road you will need to apply through our Highways department only.

Further information is available online.


Your responsibilities

The advice given is an introductory guide. Given the complexity of regulations and guidance, we recommended that independent professional advice is sought before submitting an application or starting work. You can also receive advice through our pre-application advice service.


Apply for planning permission or building regulations consent

Make a planning application

Apply for building regulation consent


Planning policy

Applications for planning permission are affected by both local and national planning policy.

Please check our planning policy page to find out which policies may affect your development.

Helping you design better

When planning your development please look at our Housing Design SPD.

This planning document will act as good practice guidance to help you with your project design and help us achieve our aim to promote high-quality design and construction in Redbridge.


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