Highway tree planting

Goodmayes and Chadwell street tree planting scheme

The London Borough of Redbridge was successful last year in obtaining grant funding to create and plant new street tree positions, the plan is to continue creating new tree positions to increase the street tree population and help create cleaner, and greener neighbourhoods.

Roads in Goodmayes and Chadwell have been selected to have trees planted over the next few years. This is a fantastic opportunity to deliver the benefits of trees directly to where people live, to increase tree canopy cover and help combat the impact of climate change.

New street tree planting locations will be selected to ensure trees will not adversely impact existing or future footway crossings and the selection of trees will reduce the problems that may occur to neighbouring properties.

During the summer suitable planting locations will be identified and then trail holes excavated to check the status of underground services. Once complete, planting will be carried out during the autumn and winter.

The council directly employs specialists to manage over 40,000 council trees, these staff form the arboricultural and horticultural team and they will manage this planting project over the next few years.

This website page will be updated with new information as the scheme progresses and when available this should include trial hole locations, planting plans and a method to raise issues if they are not addressed in the frequently asked questions listed below. If you would like to be alerted when there is an update for this planting scheme, please register your interest and we will notify you when there is new information. 


Locations of trial holes

 To reduce the amount of failures and to help gain a better understanding of the underground services in the area we will be carrying out trial pits during the summer starting in august in the following roads:

  • Arundel Gardens
  • Audley Gardens
  • Cardigan Gardens
  • Leamington Gardens
  • Oakwood Gardens
  • Talbot Gardens
  • Woodstock Gardens

These are the first trial hole plans (PDF 410KB) that show the locations of the trial holes in each road which are identified as the numbered red dots 


Frequently asked questions

The London Borough of Redbridge seeks to assist the London Mayor’s target to increase tree canopy cover in London by 10% by 2050. The Council’s Climate Change Action Plan and Green Urban Landscape policy for council maintained land both identify that tree planting should be a priority and that this should include planting in urban areas to deliver the benefits of trees to where people live.

This project proposes to plant trees on the footpaths outside residential properties to start replacing canopy cover that has been lost from private properties, to provide the benefits of trees directly to where people live.

The proposed area for Highway tree planting will be in the South Ilford area within Goodmayes Ward post code area IG3 and Chadwell Ward in the East postcode area RM6. Goodmayes and Chadwell wards have been selected as they contain the 19th and 20th lowest number of Highway trees, 1.9% and 1.7% of total, these wards each just contain 4% of total canopy cover in Redbridge, and are 15th and 16th lowest coverage in Redbridge.

The range of species that are suitable for a street is limited, so you will not be able to propose a species to plant; however, if you have a preference on flower colour we may be able to meet that request.

Provisionally species that are proposed are listed below:

  • Amelanchier canadensis
  • Betula albosinensis 'Fascination'
  • Crataegus laevigata 'Crimson Cloud'
  • Crataegus monogyna 'stricta'
  • Halesia carolina
  • Parrotia persica 'Vanessa'
  • Prunus 'Kanzan'
  • Prunus litigosa
  • Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'
  • Sorbus comixta 'Olympic Flame'
  • Styrax japonicus 'June Snow'


Once planting plans have been created and shown on this website, if there is no position plotted on the plan outside your house, then either we did not consider the position suitable or the distribution of the trees on the road meant that a tree outside your house would have been too close to anther tree. 

Once planted residents will be encouraged to adopt, water  and sow native wildflowers in tree pits to improve establishment  and increase biodiversity, for further information please see our Adopt and water a tree website page.

There are some negative effects of having tree near residential properties and these include dealing with fallen leaves and fruit and blocking light; however, the benefits of trees are considered to outweigh these seasonal nuisances. Additionally, trees will not be planted that produce large fruits, smaller species will be selected, the council’s cleansing team clear fallen leaves from footpaths on a regular programme and the trees will be regularly inspected and pruned to maintain them within reasonable bounds. For further information please see the Council’s website page about tree management 

Tree related Subsidence damage to houses is a complex risk that warrants careful consideration. Subsidence damage is not inevitable and is not predictable within an acceptable margin of error. When selecting tree species to plant in a road, we select the right tree so it does not get too large and the tree is added to a management cycle to maintain it within reasonable bounds. 

The trees will be planted with a root barrier that will direct tree roots downwards and will reduce the likelihood of surface roots causing damage to footpaths and driveways.

For further information please see the Council’s website page about tree management 

The tree positions that are chosen should not impact parking in the street; where suitable positions will be selected to go in between property boundaries so planting should not impact existing or future footway crossings.  Where there is footway parking, tree positions will allow for enough room for vehicles to park on either side of the trees which should not reduce the total number of available parking positions in the road . 

When a resident applies for a footway crossing to drive onto their property the arboricultural and horticultural team will be consulted as part of the application process and the size of the crossing may be reduced to preserve a future tree position; however, reductions in crossing width are unlikely to be significant and should only be around 60 centimetres.

The London Borough of Redbridge has an established tree maintenance regime. In the first three years the trees should be watered, support stakes adjusted, and minor pruning work carried out to improve the tree’s form. The tree will be inspected annually for safety and at least once every three years for pruning work to maintain the tree within reasonable bounds. If a tree dies it will be removed and a replacement tree planted in the Winter.

For further information please see the Council’s website page about tree management 

We have just started the planting project, with the initial notification of most properties in Goodmayes and Chadwell completed in August.  The planting project will take a few years to complete, and planting plans will not be created until after the trial holes have been constructed.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions once the planting plan has been developed for your road, as this will assist in providing time for the arboricultural and horticultural team to advance the project and provide sufficient time to investigate and respond to enquires relating a produced planting plan.













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