Can you do your bit?

Litter. Excess waste. Unsightly streets. We’re fighting against these things to save our planet and our local community. Humans are the problem but they’re also the solution. That’s why we’re asking you to do your bit as a resident. We believe taking small steps can make a difference.

There are a number of services and campaigns that we will run to promote these messages throughout the year.

Here are ten things you can do today:


We provide a recycling service for all houses across the borough. You can recycle card, paper, mixed glass, cans and plastic bottles. For more details about our recycling service and to order boxes visit our recycling web page.

Where possible, we provide recycling services to flats via large bins for card, paper, mixed glass, cans and plastic bottles. If you don’t have recycling facilities or have any queries visit the flat recycling web page.

There are many recycling sites across the borough. Use the map to find your nearest recycling site. This service can be used by all residents including those in flats above shops who do not have a recycling service. Many supermarkets have their own recycling sites that you can use.

Batteries cannot be disposed of in your normal household rubbish. All libraries in Redbridge have battery recycling points and so do many large supermarkets.

Chigwell Road Tip provides recycling facilities for many things from cooking oil to furniture.


We’re currently offering a ‘real nappy’ trial pack, worth over £25, for just £5 to residents with children under 18 months (limit of one pack per child). 'Real nappies' are modern washable nappies which are a brilliant alternative to disposable nappies with many benefits for parents, babies and our planet. You can save up to £500 per baby per year.

The Love Your Clothes campaign exists to reduce the impact of clothes on the environment. It is working to help change the way the UK consumers buy, use and dispose of their clothing. With an estimated 300,000 tonnes of used clothing going to landfill in the UK, we’re encouraging residents to reconsider their habit. Why not explore, the Love Your Clothes website and dispose your clothes at your local textile bank?


The Love Food, Hate Waste is a campaign that provides practical tools to help you plan your meals, shop more wisely and cook more creatively. On average a family of four can save around £70 each month if they turned less food into rubbish!

Why not consider fixing and repairing your item before purchasing a new one? Check out Recycles, a social enterprise sponsored by the Council and Salvation Army based in Ilford. Recycles provides low cost refurbished bikes and offer bike maintenance whilst supporting previously homeless or unemployed clients and other volunteers to gain bike mechanic skills.


Composting is nature's process of recycling kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden. By composting you can reduce your rubbish by at least 30% and that means less waste rotting in landfill.

Compost also improves your soil's condition and maintains moisture levels so it's good for the environment and provides you with free compost for your garden. To learn more about the do’s and don’ts of compositing visit the composting web page.


Want to get rid of your bed, fridge or furniture? Book a collection with a local charity or book a free bulky waste collection online. For the free bulky waste collection you must place your furniture on your property on the day of collection so it is important to plan in advance when having a house clear out.

Good quality, second-hand furniture and electrical appliances are useful and welcome to others. Many local charities will collect items in good clean working order and upholstered furniture with a fire safety certificate. Contact these charities for more information:


Our enforcement and caseworkers rely on residents reporting information about illegal rubbish dumping across the borough. Any evidence you have can lead to a successful prosecution which means the perpetrator can be held accountable.

To report a fly tip or any evidence use the online Report It tool or download our new Redbridge Report app which allows you to submit a report in under 60 seconds. The app is available on Apple, Android and Windows devices. Search “Redbridge Report” on your app store, click download and follow the steps.


It is important that you follow our guidelines about how to present your rubbish to ensure the streets stay clean and tidy. For example, you must place your rubbish in bin bags and place them within the boundary of your property near to the highway, but not on the pavement (if you leave waste on the highway you may be prosecuted). For further information and advice visit our rubbish collection web page.


Your front garden has a massive effect on the look and feel of your street. It is important that you keep it clean and maintained. Why not make the most of our free garden waste service?

It is also important that you remove any bulky waste and furniture. Use our free bulky waste collection service for a reliable collection.

Every summer the Council runs a Redbridge in Bloom competition encouraging residents to spruce up their garden and win an award in a variety of different categories.


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