New stop smoking helpline launched

Published: 12 September 2017

Residents can now use a new stop smoking helpline (0300 123 1044) which has been launched for Londoners who want to get professional support in a convenient way.

Stop Smoking London’s trained advisers will work with smokers to understand their habit and signpost them to help in their local area, or offer them the opportunity of telephone-based support if they qualify.

Smokers can call the local rate number seven days a week – Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm. They will get to speak to a specialist advisor offering regular one-to-one telephone support and will be able to arrange call backs at regular intervals throughout their quit attempt.

According to figures from the Annual Population Survey (Local Tobacco Control Profiles) smoking prevalence in London was 15.2 per cent in 2016, and declining at a rate of three percentage points every four years. If people continue to quit at current levels smoking prevalence will be below the target of five per cent by 2030 - virtually wiped out.

Stop Smoking London, developed through the London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme, is funded by 30 London boroughs and commissioned by the London Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH).

For more information about the range of support available for smokers visit Stop Smoking London 

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