Fly-tipped bed means £400 penalty

Published: 8 September 2017

Once again, the Council’s Sharp eyed CCTV operators spotted two men carrying a bed frame and mattress from a flat in Ilford which they later dumped. The CCTV operator identified the address the items were carried from and after the items were removed from the dumping site by the Council Cleansing Team, enforcement officers paid the address in question a visit. The result was a £400 penalty under the Environmental Protection Act.

The Council’s Civic Pride Service has invested in number of new redeployable CCTV 4G cameras, which have been deployed at key locations to tackle and target fly tips in those areas. In south Ilford alone the Council has been able to issue 50 £400 penalty notices for fly-tipping in the last month.

CCTV footage and still photography are used to confront any offenders who deny their part and penalties are issued on the spot.

If you see anyone dumping rubbish make sure to tell us about it at

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