Leader of Redbridge urges people to keep following social distancing

Published: 16 May 2020

Leader of Redbridge urges people to keep following social distancing


With new government COVID-19 guidelines now in effect, Redbridge Council is urging people to continue following the social distancing guidelines.

A significant part of the new government guidance means that people can now exercise more than once a day and meet one person from another household – while remaining two metres away at all times. While toilets in the borough's parks are now reopened, facilities including play areas, skateparks, water fountains, tennis courts, and multi-use games areas, will remain closed to maintain social distancing and keep local people safe. 

 Residents must continue to stay safe by respecting each other's space, preventing the spread of the virus. Social distancing means staying two metres away from anyone who is not in your household and being considerate of other users of parks and open spaces.

 It is essential everyone follows the guidelines:

  •  Continue hand washing and avoid touching things that could have been touched by others. The virus survives for 72 hours on metal and plastic.
  • Public transport should still be avoided, wherever possible, and face coverings should be used when you're out and about.
  • Please keep working from home if you can, and speak to your employer if possible to find out if there are any changes to your working arrangements. Workplaces should enable social distancing, including within the lifts, toilets, and kitchen areas.
  • New walking and cycling space is being created throughout London, so please think about new ways to get to work, like walking or cycling.
  • Detailed information about essential travel is available on the TfL website 

 The Leader of Redbridge Council, Councillor Jas Athwal, said: "My top priority is to keep local people safe. We should be under no illusion whatsoever; the lockdown has not been lifted, and we remain at risk of catching Coronavirus. 

"I would caution everyone to very carefully consider their safety and the safety of their loved ones before changing their behaviour. The most important thing we must all continue to do is to observe social distancing. The virus is still spreading, and we must do everything possible to prevent ourselves and others from contracting it. Please remember to stay 2 metres away from anyone outside of our household at all times. 

"Every time people gather in groups outside of their household, whether it be playing football in the park or socialising with neighbours on the street, they risk contracting and spreading the virus."

"We must all proceed with the utmost of care and don't throw caution to the wind. Let's not forget over 30,000 people, including more than 100 NHS and healthcare workers, have all tragically lost their lives to this terrible disease. The virus is deadly, and there are currently more cases in the UK than at any point before now – please be careful."

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