Making ‘Our Streets’ cleaner, greener and safer

Published: 9 March 2018

Cabinet Member Cllr John Howard and Leader Cllr Jas Athwal joined forces with cleaning crews this week to launch the council’s new Civic Pride campaign, Our Streets.

The council is changing the way it delivers its street based services to help create great neighbourhoods through Our Streets.

From April, services on the ground will be joined up into neighbourhood teams under the direction of a neighbourhood manager.

This will see street cleansing and environmental enforcement services working together to integrate services so that the council can keep streets clean by stopping littering and fly tipping before it happens, and respond quickly when it does.

To support Our Streets a number of service improvements will be introduced, including trebling the enforcement team to 30 and boosting street cleansing with the equivalent of 90 additional rounds.

A poster and leaflet campaign will also be launched spelling out to everyone living, working or visiting Redbridge of the standards expected in keeping streets clean and how to dispose of waste and recycling. 

Other activities include:

  • Supporting social action to keep streets clean by working with local businesses to improve high streets.
  • Using our resources wisely to adopt the very best technology, for example having sensors in litterbins to know when they need emptying to avoid emptying a half full bin.
  • Working with businesses and landlords to agree clear street standards for Redbridge that everyone can sign up to, and when people don’t sign up to them using our powers to fine them.

Cllr John Howard, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, said that: “Our Streets matter. We want to ensure we have a cleaner, greener and safer borough for people who live and work here. But we can only create great neighbourhoods if we all work together. The council has a big role to play, which we are doing by improving and investing in services. But we are also encouraging local people to take ownership of the places where they live so together we can achieve much more.”

Redbridge Council’s ‘Our Streets’ strategy was developed through the work of the Redbridge Streets Commission. Over six months, the independent Redbridge Streets Commission worked directly with residents to understand what they really value about the places where they live. The messages that came through were clear: people love our green spaces, the strength of our communities and our great transport links – but we need to do more to create and maintain the great neighbourhoods that our residents want and deserve.

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