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Quiet Streets are launched

Published: 8 September 2020

Redbridge Council has scooped more than half a million pounds from a Transport for London (TfL) funding pot to help our council work with residents to help residents socially distance and deliver quieter, safer streets that cut deadly air pollution.

The council will work with residents across the borough to develop ways to improve local streets and prevent common problems such as rat running, speeding and unnecessary through traffic, and fix accident black spots.

These plans will also make it safer for local people to walk and cycle in the borough.

The plans remain in the early stages and will be informed by the views of local people at every stage.

The Leader of Redbridge Council, Cllr Jas Athwal commented: “We all deserve to feel safe on our streets, whether it be crossing the road or taking our children to school. We want to work closely with our neighbours to develop plans to stop rat running and speeding so we can all enjoy living in safer neighbourhoods.”

Cllr John Howard, Cabinet Member for Civic Pride added: "Everyone really noticed how much quieter the streets were during the lockdown and we want to try and keep the benefits of that.

"This funding will enable us to work with residents to develop plans that will make our streets quieter, safer and greener. We want the streets we used to have where kids could play on the street without fear of an accident. "

Residents from across the borough can now also put forward ideas to make their areas greener, safer or better to walk and cycle by completing the Commonplace questionnaire:

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