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Looking for an apprentice for your business

We are committed to working with local employers to help to create 50 new apprentice vacancies in Redbridge each year.

Apprenticeships can be tailored to specific job roles, making them flexible to the needs of your business.

Recruiting an apprentice enables you as a business to fill any skill gaps or roles that are difficult to recruit to; taking on an apprentice can also increase productivity and improve business performance.


What is an apprenticeship?

An apprentice is a member of staff who is being trained to work to your standards and develop relevant skills for their specific role within your organisation. An apprentice will typically spend one day per week at a training provider, however some apprenticeships can be delivered in the work place. Other methods of delivery include block release and distance learning. Apprenticeships are open to all ages.


How much does it cost?

If you are a large employer, with an annual pay bill that exceeds £3m per year you will be paying into the apprenticeship levy. The cost of the apprenticeship training will be deducted from your levy contributions. The levy cannot be used for costs such as salary or other expenses.  

For smaller and medium sized employers, 95% of the cost of apprenticeship training costs will be met by the government, with you contributing 5% of the overall training costs. Again, the employer will need to meet the full salary costs.


Types and levels of apprenticeships

Apprenticeship are available in a wide range of industry sectors and job roles including Business Administration, Construction, Finance, Customer Service, Teaching Assistants, HR and IT. They are available at intermediate, advanced, higher and degree levels.


Supporting you through the process 

We offer a free of charge service to employers and can support you throughout the recruitment process.

Work Redbridge can:

  • discuss your recruitment needs
  • assist you to identify a suitable training provider
  • advertise your vacancy
  • pre-screen and provide candidates according to your business needs


Contact us 

Contact us by email: or call: 020 8708 2366. 




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