What you told us?

Crime and safety is the top priority for residents. We carried out surveys and local engagement sessions to listen to your concerns and find out your thoughts on how we currently tackle crime in the borough.

You identified these as the priorities you wanted us to look at.

Women and girls’ safety

Redbridge should be safe for all women and girls. Many women experience harassment from men on a regular basis. Women and girls must be supported when they make a complaint of harassment, and their experiences should influence how services are designed.

Domestic abuse

We need a system that puts victims of abuse first and supports them through their journey, making it easier to report a problem, offering greater access to emergency refuges and allocating appropriate housing, mental health support and support for children.

Drugs and street violence 

Young people are experiencing violence, they are falling through the cracks between support services and being groomed into a life of criminality. Youth workers working with children and young people already know what needs to happen, but the systems in which they work are poorly coordinated and lack the resources needed to meet a growing challenge.

Anti-social behaviour 

Residents are frustrated about the lack of progress being made when the problem is so clear and annoyed that their complaints aren’t listened to.

Burglary and public confidence

Residents think the issue is not being treated seriously enough by police and feel left in the dark by poor communication about the problem. We need better communication between all the services involved, a faster more effective response when people report crime.

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