NHS Test and Trace App: support for businesses

The NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app has been launched as part of the coronavirus testing and contact tracing programmes in England and Wales.

We are supporting businesses through the process of how to register, create and display the QR code to enable customer and visitors to use the app.

Watch the NHS video introducing the app

It is a legal requirement for businesses to display the QR Code in an accessible location and in a visible place. Businesses that are expected to keep a log of visitors and display a unique QR code include:

  • businesses where food or drink is consumed on the premises (pubs and restaurants)
  • leisure and tourism services (such as cinemas and sports services)
  • businesses that offer close physical contact (for example hairdressers, barbers and nail bars) 
  • social, cultural and recreational services (such as community centres and places of worship)

You can access guidance notes and resources on the NHS COVID-19 support page.

What you need to do

All premises must record contact details of customers, visitors and staff to tackle the spread of coronavirus.  As a business that provides close contact with customers you will be required to:

  • download an official NHS QR code
  • display your official NHS QR code
  • maintain records of customer contact details for those who have not 'checked in' using the  NHS app.

Download an official NHS QR code

Download and display an official NHS QR code poster.  These codes will be an important way for NHS Test and Trace in England to contact people if coronavirus outbreaks are identified. If you have more than one venue, you will need to create a separate QR code for each location.

Register and download your QR code

Display your official NHS QR code

QR codes should be displayed as soon as possible and you should get visitors to scan the QR code when they arrive. If they do not use the NHS app, you will need to record their contact details.

If you do not have access to a printer, you can display your QR code poster at your venue using digital signage. For example, a TV screen or iPad.

Watch the introduction to QR posters for businesses video

If you do not have access to printing facilities you can contact a local printing shop or make an appointment at one of the libraries below to use the computer and printing facilities.

  • Central Library – Ilford
  • Goodmayes
  • Wanstead
  • South Woodford
  • Fullwell Cross

Black and white copies are 10p per page for A4 and 20p for A3.

The council has powers under the regulations to issue fixed penalty notices to businesses that fail to display their QR code. The fixed penalty level of fine increases for each offence so it is important to act now. 

If you need information, advice, support or guidance to download the app please contact our business support team  business.enterprise@redbridge.gov.uk


Maintain records of customer contact details

If you already use your own QR system we encourage you to switch to the NHS Test and Trace QR code. An alternative check-in method, such as a handwritten register, must be maintained to collect the contact details of those who do not have the app.   

Details must be stored for 21 days and shared with NHS Test and Trace if requested.

Find out more about maintaining records to support NHS Test and Trace


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