Coronavirus: social distancing measures

Social distancing means limiting your contact with other people and keeping your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible). 


New government guidelines

The government is asking people to stay at home as much as possible and limit your contact with other people. You should make sure you regularly wash your hands.

You can:

  • spend time outdoors including in private gardens but you must maintain social distance
  • meet up to six people outdoors so long as you maintain social distance

You cannot:

  • visit your friends and family inside their homes or any other indoor place

For full information, please see government social distancing guidance


Do your bit for Redbridge

We're asking all residents to ‘do your bit’ by protecting yourselves and others by supporting social distancing.

If everybody limits contact with people outside of their household we can all help to reduce the transmission of coronavirus and support the NHS from an unmanageable caseload.

If you need to go out please keep a safe distance of two metres or six feet away from anybody you pass on the street.

Restaurants, pubs, cafes, places of worship, play areas and many other communal areas have closed to help reduce the transmission between members of the public. This doesn’t mean it is safe to all get together at one person’s house and socialise as a group. You put yourself and others at risk.

You might be young, strong, and healthy enough to fight off COVID-19, but others you spread it to might not be as lucky as you. Especially those in vulnerable groups, ‘do your bit’ and support social distancing.

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