Coronavirus: food deliveries advice

We understand that businesses and customers may look to change the way in which they deliver and order food during this time.

The following advice is for those businesses and customers that are looking to make provision for takeaways and deliveries. Scientific advice is that it is very unlikely that COVID-19 can be spread through food, but, if you are changing how you are used to operating then you should think through the hazards and ensure that you have control measures in place.

There is a guidance for food business on coronavirus published by Public Health England. 


Register to deliver food

A business will only be in a position to deliver food if they are registered as a food business with a Local

Register now in Redbridge 


Safe delivery

All foods must be delivered to customers in a way that ensures that it does not become unsafe or unfit to
eat. Foods that need refrigerating must be kept cool while they are being transported. This may need to be
packed in an insulated box with a coolant gel or in a cool bag.

If you are transporting hot food, it should be kept hot. This may need to be packed in an insulated box. It is recommended to keep distances short and times limited to within 30 minutes.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have provided advice for business – ‘Food safety for food delivery



There is a wealth of advice for businesses on allergen management on the FSA website.



All food businesses that are registered are awarded a Food Hygiene Rating score.

Contact-free delivery

Limiting contact when delivering orders will help keep everyone healthy, so businesses could consider leaving deliveries at the door of the customer, rather than handing it over to them. Knock on the door step back at least 1 metre and wait nearby for the customer to collect it.

Take payments over the phone or internet rather than taking a cash payment.

Infection control

Businesses have responsibilities to ensure food handlers are fit for work under the food hygiene regulations and in addition have a general duty to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of persons in your employment and members of the public.

Relevant staff must be provided with clear instructions on any infection control policy in place and any person so affected and employed in a food business and who is likely to come into contact with food is to report immediately the illness or symptoms, and if possible their causes, to the food business operator.



The Government have issued guidance on COVID-19 for employees and businesses.

However, this is not specific for food businesses, but it does advise that 'if you have been asked to self-isolate, you can order by phone or online, such as through takeaway services or online shopping deliveries. However, make sure you tell the delivery driver that the items are to be left outside, or as appropriate for your home’.

If you are undertaking/receiving deliveries, then you should notify the restaurant/delivery drivers whether they are self-isolating so that action can be taken accordingly as highlighted above.

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