Easy read information

It is important that everyone can access information about coronavirus. On our website, we have an accessibility and translation tool which can be found at the top right of any page on the site. For more information about how to use this, please visit our using the web accessibility tool page.

We are also sharing information and guidance about coronavirus in different languages and formats.


Easy read information

Here is some easy read information from Mencap and the NHS:

For more easy read information go to Mencap's website.

If you have symptoms

What to do if you or someone you share your home with has coronavirus symptoms.

Information in illustration

Here are some illustrated guides from Beyond Words:


Information in British Sign Language

Coronavirus information in British Sign Language (BSL).

For the latest news and more information in BSL please see the Sign Health coronavirus resources page.

Essential advice in BSL

Government advice in BSL

Tips for staying at home


More information

Here are some more resources which provide information in various languages. 

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