Ilford Public Realm

Major improvements unveiled for Ilford High Road

A multi-million pound boost for major street improvements is set to transform Ilford High Road.

Ambitious plans will create new high-quality, accessible public spaces, and alongside the arrival of Crossrail, the major street improvements will help to fundamentally revitalise Ilford Town Centre.

The proposed improvements will take place at Ilford High Road (from the crossroads with Cranbrook Road through to the area outside Ilford Police Station) and will include the following connecting side streets: Clements Lane, Clements Road and Chadwick Road.

The proposed improvements will take place between 2017 and 2019

Proposed improvements include:

  • new trees, greenery, pocket parks and green walls
  • a clutter free environment with improved lighting and seating
  • public art, informal play sites and high quality spaces for events
  • encourage a strong night time economy contributing to a high quality culture, leisure and food offer
  • improved pedestrian and cycle routes into the Town Centre, more street cycle stands
  • cultural and heritage buildings protected and enhanced
  • hub spaces for local and new businesses

Ilford Public Realm consultation 2018 – Phase 1 and Phase 2

The Council is due to complete the implementation of the first phase of the transformational public realm scheme for Ilford Town Centre at the junction of the High Road and Chadwick Road. The new public realm works is a start in showcasing the new natural stone paving, new benches, new lamp columns with gobo projectors, new Big Belly bin. Phase 1 public realm is due to complete by the end of November 2018.

Regeneration is carrying out a public consultation, to seek opinions and views of Phase 1 and show concept designs for Phase 2. This is an opportunity to be part of the new public realm consultation to provide feedback/ideas that could possibly inform the detailed designs for Phase 2 new public realm.


Online Questionaire – open until Friday 23 November 2018

Before the scheme is continued the Council would like your views on the scheme so far and what you would like to see included in the scheme going forward. Specifically, we want to understand:

  • how you currently use Ilford Town Centre.
  • how you feel about the first phase of the public realm improvements in Ilford Town Centre
  • If there are any specific changes you would like to see.
  • What you think about the proposed approach to the public realm in the Town Centre

There is an online questionnaire that is based on the questions above. You can access the questionnaire with the following link. The online questionnaire will be available until Friday 23 November.

Complete the questionnaire



Ilford's bright future

In addition to the far reaching street improvements in Ilford Town, a number of further developments are on the way:


Crossrail will see important journey times dramatically reduced from Ilford Station

Residents and visitors will benefit from a fully accessible, multi-million pound refurbishment of Ilford station with a secondary station entrance on York Road reopening later this year and the potential for a third entrance on Ilford Hill

Major improvements will transform the area around Ilford station(and Seven Kings, Goodmayes and Chadwell Heath stations) with £5 million funding from Transport for London's Crossrail Complimentary Measures Fund – we plan to invest a further £2 million to enhance these areas, funded by developer contributions


The Ilford Housing Zone will bring more than 2,000 new homes, including approximately 600 affordable homes by 2021 the Ilford Garden Junction scheme with £1 million from the GLA Mayor's Air Quality Fund will create a green gateway between Redbridge and Newham.

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