Cannon Palmer Catholic Academy School Fete

Published: 13 May 2017

It was wonderful to meet the Head Moise-Dixon, and her staff and pupils who were all so enthusiastic about their schools fete and raising much needed funds for renovating their dining hall. 

Everyone had done a wonderful job in making the fete such a success. I really enjoyed it apart from the bush tucker trial which involved both myself and Brian putting our hands in a bucket full of slime and goo much to everyone's amusement – at least we didn’t have to eat it.

I did some Bollywood dancing but was outshone by all the pupils who were so much more experienced than me.  I am still trying to work out how Mateusz Slowik performed his magic tricks. Not only is he a very talented young magician but also writes the most beautiful poetry and has written a book of poems called Carpe Noctem which he has published himself.

I know that the school are extremely proud of him and I am sure he will do brilliantly at university. It is wonderful to see how many talented students we have in Redbridge. The Young Police Cadets were also in attendance and it was nice to see how much they were enjoying their very important role.


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