Our Streets enewsletter September 2020

Published: 28 Sep 2020

Going Green for Recycle Week 2020

We celebrated Recycle Week 2020 by hosting our first ever online workshops! The topics were 'recycling', Waste Minimisation' and 'Love Food Hate Waste'.

We enjoyed delivering workshops in a new way and got positive feedback, so we're planning more for the next few months, watch this space as we'd love you to join us.

Contact the team if you have a community group who would like a virtual visit from us to deliver an online workshop!

We also marked the start of Recycle Week by turning Redbridge Town Hall Green, and sharing top-tips on our social media pages on how to become a recycling hero for Redbridge!
But don’t worry if you missed it, there are some great tips on our website on how to go green, and get more out of your waste!


Cat in the box

It was a second look at some illegally dumped rubbish in Goodmayes that made our East Environmental Protection Agency team do a double take. Yes, there were two kittens in a box, in a bag, in a pile of rubbish.

Luckily this story ends happily; the kittens, now named Bob Sparkles and Chloe Paloma, were taken to the nearest vet, checked over, and later adopted by members of Redbridge staff.

If you need advice, there's lots of information out there about the responsibilities of owning a pet and what to do with unwanted pets to stop them being dumped on the streets.


It's baking in the garden...

Deciding it was time to see if anything had happened in her compost bin, our West Neighbourhood Engagement and Education officer Krisztina was amazed to find this miraculous natural process had worked.

Krisztina lifted her black compost bin off the pile of compost inside to find a 'compost cake' had baked underneath! The bottom was well composted, the middle half done and the top still fresh.

If you try this method to empty your bin, simply fork the middle and top 'layers' back into your compost bin and use whats 'well done' at the bottom as a mulch, or diluted with regular garden soil for potting.

It's always a good time to start home composting. Save money and waste with this rewarding project which doesn't take much to set up with good value equipment.


Go green this Halloween

If your household celebrates Halloween it may look a little different this year due to the global pandemic.

However, there's still fun to be had and waste to avoid!

If you carve a pumpkin, try home composting your scraps, and make sure you turn the flesh into nutritious soup or a yummy treat.

For a free, 'Eco savvy' autumnal game, take a piece of scrap paper and divide into squares (you choose the size). Cut the squares up and draw spiders on each one. Take turns to hide the spiders in a dark room and challenge your household to search for them with a torch! Great fun, free, and you can recycle the paper in your recycling box afterwards!


Let's talk nappies

Modern cloth nappies are cute, cost effective and save tonnes of waste.

Join our first virtual meet up to learn about the wonderful world of cloth nappies!

It's open to anyone in Redbridge to find out more, to talk through questions if you are already using washable nappies or to say 'hi' to other parents using cloth nappies.

The session will be very relaxed and informal, allowing for lots of questions and attending to children!

Email joanne.smallman@redbridge.gov.uk for an invite link.


Not quite business as usual

As the global pandemic continues, many of the Neighbourhood team's usual duties are up and running again.

But for one very special guy, it hasn't stopped there. Dave from the East Neighbourhood team has been going the extra mile to help residents. As colleagues from across the council in Community Health and Adult Social Care said:

"Dave's support has been absolutely amazing! ‘The man with the van’ has helped enormously to keep the supplies topped up with numerous shopping trips and also kept Redbridge residents fed with the much needed doorstep deliveries.  He came in when he was supposed to be on leave and has been helping out over the weekends.  
Great level of commitment to the residents of Redbridge and making a difference. Thank you Dave."


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