Our Streets enewsletter June 2020

Published: 29 Jun 2020

Stronger Together


The Government owes our borough £45m, and we need your help to get it back

Last week we launched our ‘Stronger Together’ campaign to call on the Government to keep its promise and compensate councils for the cost of responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.    

Redbridge will spend an estimated £60m on COVID-19 support and resources for the community, but despite Government promises we’ve only been given back £15.7m - leaving a £45m financial black hole. We’re fighting to get our money back, but we can’t do it alone and need your help.   

We’re asking the borough’s businesses and residents to sign our petition to remind the Government that they need to repay the £45m shortfall in funds they promised. Without this payment local services that you value and need most are all at risk. We’ve already received over 2800 signatures since launching the petition, and we need yours too. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve also created a toolkit to help residents and businesses share our petition and show support. This includes a letter template to Government and a poster you can print and display in your window.  

► Access the toolkit and sign the petition 


Growing in pride

We have received lots of wonderful tree pit success photos which have made us smile this month!

We are delighted that our tree pit adoption scheme has been a great source of joy for residents who joined at the beginning of this year.

Thank you to all those who are bringing a smile and pride to our streets and communities. 

Information about joining the scheme in 2020/21 will be available in this newsletter and on our web pages in the coming autumn.


Plastic free July

Plastic is all around us and is super useful but have you ever stopped to think about how much you use, when and why?
'Plastic free July' is a global campaign which encourages us to treasure and not waste this great resource by making plastic free swaps where we can.

We tried some plastic free cleaning and the results are sparkling! 

To save money, waste and chemicals in the home we've cleaned this tap with white vinegar rubbed on with a microfibre cloth. To have a go, choose white vinegar in a glass bottle to avoid plastic or opt for a plastic bottle and recycle it from home.

Can you spot the difference?

Bin pamperin'

Our street cleansing team have been enjoying plastic free cleaning too with this amazing high pressure water jet 'bubble gum' removal machine. It's a valuable tool in keeping tree pits, signs and bins clean in the borough. 

Gum should always be binned or wrapped and taken home to dispose of well. It would take up to 500 years to completely degrade if left stuck to a bench, floor or bin on our high street!


Eco Kitchen

There are so many ways to reduce waste, save pennies and enjoy healthy home fresh food.

These plastic free ingredients combine to make wholesome hummus.

Simply drain and rinse your chickpeas, then mash and season with oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Serve with vegetable sticks.


Picnic with pride


Parks and open spaces have been vital to our physical and mental health during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and many of us have been enjoying more time outdoors.

The summer is a great time for a picnic lunch whilst following government guidance on social distancing. How about this year challenging yourself to create a waste free picnic? After you've enjoyed every last bite, could there be nothing left to throw away?

Please send us a snap as you tuck in!

We'd love your help to reduce waste and to keep our parks and shared outdoor spaces clean by picnicking with pride.


Splashing the trash

All kinds of litter ends up in our beautiful oceans.

Even in a city that feels far from the coast, litter blown into streams, cigarette butts dropped down drains and the wrong items flushed down toilets across the country all wind their way into the big blue sea.

As we think about cutting plastic waste on our streets and in our homes, be challenged by the ideas of City to Sea.

They have loads of information on 'plastic free periods', using refill well and advice on what really shouldn't go down the loo so we can keep our own streets and the ocean around our island sparkling.


Love your clothes

Long summer evenings are a great time to learn a new skill at home and rethink fashion. Figure out how to sew on a button and how to exchange pre loved clothes from the comfort of your own sofa.

With tips, advice and ideas check out the wealth of information provided by the Love Your Clothes campaign!





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