Neighbourhoods Street Scene Team

The Neighbourhoods Street Scene team have responsibility for delivering and maintaining Redbridge as a clean, safe high quality environment for all. This will be achieved through:

  • educating and working with residents, businesses, institutions and organisations in the borough
  • working with local communities to improve the look and feel of their local environments
  • increasing information, advise and providing a clear standard for acceptable behaviour conducted by individuals and businesses
  • ensuring that businesses and individuals operate to the same set of agreed standards
  • adoption of a robust enforcement approach to tackle enviro-crime and other offences
  • carrying out enforcement action against those individuals and businesses who spoil the environment for others, making them accountable for their actions


Report an issue

You can report an incident online through our report it page.


The Team

The Neighbourhood team consists of:

  • Street Scene Enforcement Officers
  • Enforcement Caseworkers
  • Street Cleansing Officers
  • Education and Engagement Officers
  • Horticulture & Aboriculture Officers


Education and Engagement:

There are four Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officers working alongside other community engagement officers and partners inside and outside the Council.

The Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officers are available to support and work with individuals and groups to improve local neighbourhoods.

More information about the work they carry out can be found on the Our Streets Our Neighbourhood page.



The Neighbourhood Street Scene team include enforcement officers. They tackle the issues we know most matter to you like fly tipping, untidy land and littering. They're charged with improving civic pride and clamping down on those who don’t treat the Borough with respect.

Each officer is Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) accredited which gives them some Police powers to issue on the spot fines and deal with issues such as fly tipping and littering.

Redbridge Enforcement Officers wear and use body-worn cameras, these record visual and audio information. The use of body-worn cameras allows for the collection of evidence which can be used in prosecutions, the accurate recording of engagement with residents and improve the safety of officers.

You can find out further information on the use of body-worn cameras on our CCTV page.


Anti-social Behaviour:

If you are experiencing noise or other anti-social behaviours you will need to report this to the Community Protection team.


Appealing a Fixed Penalty Notice:

  • There is no appeal process for Fixed Penalty Notice for littering, fly tipping, highways offences or other similar fines. The recipient can choose to contest it by refusing the Fixed Penalty Notice or not paying it and then the matter will be brought in front of the Magistrates Court, with all the costs and risks associated with it, should the matter be proven.
  • Paying the Fixed Penalty Notice is not an admission of guilt, but it offers an alternative to summons for prosecution, and avoids a criminal record or conviction.
  • However, if you wish to informally question the circumstances of a Fixed Penalty Notice, this can be done by writing to the address mentioned below, we will endeavour to reply to any letters and emails received within 14 days. It should be noted that any early payments associated with the Fixed Penalty Notice will no longer apply if the appeal is received outside of the discounted period. The appeal will not be considered after the full payment due date has expired
  • If the decision is made that the Fixed Penalty Notice was issued incorrectly you will be informed that the case has been closed and you are no longer required to make payment.

Please write to:

Redbridge Neighbourhood Team, Civic Pride, RCC, PO BOX 2265, Ilford, Essex, IG1 9XA



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